Sneak Peek: Bushmaster ACR

The ACR is a very intuitive design with operator friendly…

The ACR is a very intuitive design with operator friendly controls but is it reliable?

Put away your XBox. Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare game is no longer the only way you can shoot a Bushmaster ACR. Bushmaster Basic and Enhanced ACRs are shipping to dealers now.

Does the ACR live up to the hype? Does its versatility make it a replacement for several of the ARs in your battery? We put an Enhanced version of the ACR through an extensive test–looking inside, testing for accuracy with ten different loads and running it through combat-style drills—all in an effort to learn why it has been one of the most anticipated weapon systems to date. Check out the July 2010 issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement magazine to learn more about this multi-configurable, switch-barrel, switch-caliber piston driven carbine.

bushmaster-acrThe long awaited Bushmaster ACR is finally here.

bushmaster-acr-2The charging handle on the ACR is designed to be operated by the support hand. But what if you’re left handed? Read the story to find out.

bushmaster-acr-4The ACR has many desirable features but are they compatible with tactical employment? Read the article to find out what the author has to say.

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  • make it in 6.8SPC in 4 grooves 1:11 rifling twist and the chamber in SPC II. For military version, in automatic mode it must be open bolt the barrel length is 16.5 inch


    The July issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement is on sale featuring the Bushmaster ACR:

  • Nebojsa

    You cannot compare it with Eastern European produced weapons. This is all plastic-made with smaller impact results.

  • SSG Martuszewski

    I will say this, I sold both my hand built (by me) AR’s before I deployed. So as not to have too many Carbines in the house, when I buy this upon my return. Also with the price, I feel that if a number of big name companies are willing to team up to make it, then it must be worth every penny.

    Looking forward to getting more detail on the ACR before buying. Keep up the good work guys.

  • CB

    looks like a great weapons platform that solves alota issues with ambi controls and what not. also the ablity to swap from a short barrel to long is nice, but im sure it’ll change the point of impact every time. wish the price was lower though!!!