Sneak Peek: EoTech EXPS3-2

Can perfection be improved upon? Having spent significant time on…

Can perfection be improved upon? Having spent significant time on the EoTech XPS-2 it was a good question, afterall, the XPS-2 has now seen time on just about every weapon I use. With the introduction of the EXPS3-2 it seems the bar has been raised once again. With a number of added features designed for operation in any environment this sight just may have improved on that perfection.


The EoTech EXPS3-2 has added a couple of new features. The most obvious upon close inspection is the operating controls mounted on the side. Another addition is a quick release lever that allows the sight to be easily removed and installed on any system with a proper rail. This along with the side mounted battery should make for an incredibly useful system. There’s also a new reticle with “two dots” instead of one.


The addition of night vision is fast becoming the norm in today’s tactical world whether in a police officer’s hands or part of a soldier’s kit abroad, so equipping night vision in this new unit is a natural evolution. The ability to access controls while not interfering with the night vision is critical. This review will take a hard look at the use of the EXPS3-2 in low light and night time conditions.

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