ETA Devastator Shotgun, the Future of the 1187 Shotgun Sneak Peek (video)

The Devastator is a versatile 12 gauge shotgun with the convenience of a folding stock.

There have been a few attempts over the years to add a folding stock to the venerable Remington 1187 shotgun. Most have been valiant attempts with little success and about zero popularity. Elite Tactical Advantage has come up with what appears to be the best effort yet. Their patented operating system looks to be simple, reliable, and versatile. Along with their Bulldozer and Rhino rail they offer what may be the next evolution in the 1187 shotgun.

There is no doubt this shotgun looks the part, but does it work? The 1187 has had a rocky past at best as have most every semi-automatic shotgun. Altering operating systems does not always make things better. The question is does the ETA system really work? Preliminary testing sure seems to indicate it might. Is it as fast as the competition on the semi-auto market?


Five shots 5-25 yards.

This operating system makes it possible to add a folding stock. For concealment or just plane shortage they are hard to beat. They are also excellent for operators who carry a shotgun as a secondary weapon, or are medics or support personnel. They have at time proven problematic on shotguns, so does this one do the trick. Does it stay in place? Does it effect reliability? All these questions will be answered as this shotgun is put through its paces in an upcoming issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement.

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  • Ron

    I wonder was that a target load he was shooting or full house 00 buck

  • Rene

    LOL Get out of my Yard!

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    Time fer sum duck huntin’!

  • ETA really nailed this one, that is fast! Doesn’t look like it has very much recoil!

  • Justin

    Thats one big cheese grater.