FN FS200


Having spent considerable time lately with bullpup carbines, the chance…

Having spent considerable time lately with bullpup carbines, the chance to put the FN FS2000 CQB in 5.56mm through its paces was taken with tremendous enthusiasm.

I tried one a few years back and found it to be intriguing, but did not have enough time to really wring it out. My recent time on other bullpup rifles, coupled with some quality time with my friend and colleague Walt Wilkinson of Gunsite, gave me a new perspective. We ended up working different classes at Gunsite and the topic of this rifle came up. He has been using it for quite some time and is a big fan. As a proven combat soldier with extensive experience, I highly value his opinion. We shared some tips and insight that was used during the course of this test.

The FN FS2000 is a truly European design with combat in mind. Unlike American designs, the FS2000’s magazines do not drop free, nor does the bolt hold open on the last round. Having used HK submachine guns and rifles for years, it was not a new design to me by any means, but in this bullpup configuration it should prove interesting.

Take a look at a short video of some of my initial testing and various methods for reloads. Keep an eye out for my complete test in a future issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement to see how well the FS2000 fared under some serious testing with police operations in mind. It may just surprise you; it certainly did me. For more information, visit fnhusa.com.

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