Sneak Peek: FNH USA SCAR 17S 308

Having waited a long time for the opportunity to test…

Having waited a long time for the opportunity to test the new SCAR 17S a great deal of excitement was present when it finally arrived. It’s little brother the 16S was one of the best thought out carbines out there so my expectations were pretty high. Upon initial inspection it looks like there will be little disappointment.


The ergonomics are identical, but do they translate with the heavy caliber? Can this rifle meet the accuracy needs for a Designated Marksman’s Rifle? Lightweight rifles are fantastic to carry but can be a bear to shoot, but will the 308 caliber be manageable?


With iron sights.

The big questions is reliability, is this rifle truly reliable with all types of ammunition. All questions that will be answered when this rifle is truly put to the test in an upcoming issue of Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement.

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