Sneak Peek: Juggernaut Tactical M1A/M14 Stock (video)

For many of us, not only is the venerable M1A…

For many of us, not only is the venerable M1A system still viable, but it remains one of the most reliable semi-automatic .308 rifles on the planet. It has proven itself time and time again in real combat.

Is it old technology? You bet, but given that many of our best-trained warriors of the day still prefer it, there still must be something there. The same is certainly true for police officers. Many are in service today in police departments and state patrols all over the country.


It has a ton of advantages, but it can be a bit long and a bit heavy. It is also problematic to install scopes, sights and similar devices on it. There are some good stocks out there these days that address some of that, but often they do so by adding weight and sacrificing portability.

It looks like Juggernaut Tactical may have come up with the perfect solution. Their new Rogue stock, a bullpup design, is a new take on an old concept. The bullpup concept has always been sound—it has just suffered a bit in the final format. From the looks of it, Juggernaut may have come up with a sound product.


Please take a look at my short video and stay tuned for a complete test in a full feature review in a future issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement magazine.


Billed as a “one stock does it all,” lets see if it really does. Can it truly operate in a CQB environment while still maintaining reliability and accuracy at long range? Does the bullpup design make it hard to operate? I put this stock through its paces and answer these questions and more, so come along and enjoy the ride!

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  • I recently picked up a Gen II Rogue bullpup conversion kit and installed
    my CQB-16 type SEI in it. The new kit is about a pound lighter than the
    1st generation kit, and it is more refined. I do wish the manufacturer
    would find a way to trim another two pounds of fat, but I think I can
    live with the Gen II kit for now.


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  • M14Dessert Warrior is the troll here… he and his post should be permanently removed from this page.

  • M14Dessert Warrior has issues.

  • M14Dessert Warrior

    H20 man is a Troll………I wouldn’t buy anything he’s pushing. It won’t be long and they’ll be banning him from this sight too. I’m surprised a company like Juggernaut Tactical would even allow you to represent their company. This guy is bad…bad… Just look at all the Forums he’s been banned from.A total embarrassment to the M14 community.

  • The evolution continues: I had a SADLAK tactical mag release installed.
    IMHO, this is a must have item for all owners of this chassis… reaching back and behind the mag body to release the mag is much easier with the SADLAK part.
    I also replaced the original pistol grip with a Magpul MIAD.
    I have large hands and the grip change provides me with a bit more room to rock the mags in and out of the receiver.

  • i think its a stupid looking m14 bullpup stock. its bulky & its aluminium. aluminium can crack, bend & get danged up easy & its still a metal so it will add weight to it. there lots of spaces were dirt & crud can get into it. why not make it out of Carbon Fiber or some kind of a polymer ? really people do i have to think of everything myself? lol

  • The following video shows V-1 of H2O’s bullpup M14… I am currently running @ V-3…

  • Old Salt

    Got my Rogue last weekend……trigger is excellent,overall quality is superb. This is the nicest Rifle stock I’ve ever seen for a M1a. The machine work is nicer than my rifle receiver…….. I want to thank H20man for his awesome customer service! Thank you Tactical life for a very accurate review!!!!

  • See the Bullpup M14 conversion in person and in action at this weekends BULLPUP SHOOT 2011.

  • A picture of my Crazy Horse Mk14 Mod 0 type SEI in the Rogue M14 chassis system:

  • I’m not comfortable firing from a bench and that’s probably why one round is pulled way off to the right.

  • I received my tall rings from SEI last Friday, these allowed me to mount Leupold glass at the correct height. I zeroed in my Rogue this afternoon and I must say that the accuracy with 168 gr TAP is excellent from my 4 groove 1:10 ROT 18.0″ medium heavy MK14 barrel.


  • $100.00 off Rogue stocks at M14HDW.US

  • Old Salt

    It’s T6 billet Aluminum…..I guess Lightning could strike you too…..good thing there’s a rubber grip to insulate against that. There are Hundreds of thousands of Bullpup rifles,in service,all over the world. Blowing up in peoples faces, doesn’t seem to be an issue.

  • when hes shooting prone his face is right by the action…possibly good or bad ammo could explode or some sorta “bang” etc. That seems way to close to the face,no protection but if its works for you….Get It Done!

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  • Old Salt

    There’s a good reason for the similarities……my understanding is that the Designers and engineers left short rifles and started their own company. Break ups are always sad…….but this one looks to be for the better! Good job Juggernaut Tactical!!!! I’ll be ordering mine soon!

  • Actually, the BD762 looks like the Rogue… the only part they have in common is the rubber butt pad.

  • lol… from a distance the BD762 does look a little like the Rogue M14 Bullpup stock, but the only part they have in common is the rubber butt pad.

    I’m told left hand friendly version of the Rogue is in the works.

  • SleepyDave

    It kind of looks like the Short Rifles BullDog 762 stock

  • CBec

    I’d like to see a left hander shoulder this and squeeze off just one round….lol