Sneak Peek: SAVAGE 10 FCP MCMILLAN (video)

Police departments are always struggling with budgets and equipping a…

Police departments are always struggling with budgets and equipping a SWAT team is seldom easy. As gun prices have soared over the years, it has not become any easier. Police budgets are going down, not up, yet the need for a well-equipped tactical team is still ever present. Savage has stepped up to the plate and is offering a tactical rifle that may be perfect for most departments, and more importantly, priced below comparably designed rifles.

The Savage 10 FCP McMillan offers many of the features found in rifles close to twice the price. Mounted in a McMillan A5 stock, it also offers the AccuTrigger and a detachable magazine. Another nice touch is the 1-in-10-inch twist barrel, optimizing it for use with 173-grain bullets.


The question is will it hold up under use, and is it really comparable to other rifles out there? It is also critical that it holds its accuracy under real conditions. All these questions and more will be answered in an upcoming article in Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement. Pick it up and give it a read—you just may be surprised how it turns out!

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  • CBec

    Just bought this exact rifle. Waiting to pick up the base, rings and optic to see how she’ll do. So far I’m pleased with it. Compared side by side to a friends Remington 700 the Savage has a better trigger, safety and bolt knob…not to mention to detachable mag.