Sneak Peek: Sig Sauer 716

Sig Sauer is certainly not new to the patrol rifle…

Sig Sauer is certainly not new to the patrol rifle market. Their line of 5.56mm rifles remains some of the best out there and quite often preferred by many professionals. They are accurate, reliable and well thought-out.


So, when Sig Sauer brought their game to the 7.62 x 51mm market the expectations were high. With just about everyone making a .308 caliber AR platformed rifle these days it is pretty easy to just end up being “just another rifle.”


Notice the cuts in the bolt.

After testing the new 716 patrol rifle it looks like Sig Sauer defiantly brought its “A” game. It may just be one of the best thought-out rifles in this platform to date. As a patrol rifle it appears to be just about perfect. Many of the small things like sling attachments, slings and even ambidextrous controls are present. As a piston driven system it should prove clean running, reliable, and accurate.



A quick look at the bolt carrier and innovation is clear. Unlike many that simply throw a standard carrier together this is new. Great attention has been paid to deal with weight and carrier tilt. It may be a common platform, but this is no clone.



Take a look at some of the features of this rifle and see if you agree. Take the time to look at the upcoming article in Special Weapons for Military & Police and see if the Sig Sauer 716 proves to be nearly as good as it looks!

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  • Phillip

    My out of the box 716 has every option I would build into an AR of any caliber. It is an exceptional firearm, very accurate and a pleasure to shoot. It has replaced my 300 AAC as my teenage daughters favorite gun.

  • Ronin

    I’ve been a Sig Sauer person back to when I was stationed overseas in Germany. And the best part about our arms room is that it had a plethora of multinational weapons. I carried the Sig 226 for a side arm, and the 551 as primary. And the thing that I like about Sig Sauer is they make their weapons systems with everything you need and nothing you don’t. And they just keep getting better at it. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Sig Sauer 716.