Sneak Peek: Springfield XD(M) 5.25 Competition Series

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Springfield Armory has been diligently working on a new project. I am fortunate enough to have gotten my mitts around the new XD(M) 5.25 Competition Series pistol for a few days. What exactly is the XD(M) 5.25?

Much of the gun is still shrouded in secrecy—and at the request of Springfield—I must keep this web-intro nonspecific. But what I will say is that many shooters will find this gun of great interest. It has several new features, improving upon an already very solid platform.

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What do these features look like, how do they help the shooter, and more importantly, how did it perform?

You’ll find out in the Nov. 2011 issue of Combat Handguns. Read more about the new 5.25 Competition Series at their website,

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  • Judge

    The XDM has been called the new Glock. It takes all the Glock features and makes improvements on them. apparently some police forces are switching to Springfields. I’ve handled both, ansd I’ve got to say the Springfield XDM easily surpasses Glock in fit, quality , and ergonomics. The only porblem is that the Springfields can be a bit more pricy and in higher demand. Good luck finding one on sale , especially on a 5.25″ version. A gun store near me prices them at $800 and they sell as fast as they come in!

  • armando

    # 1 Glock.
    # 2 copy xd-m

  • Otto

    Hmmmm! Maybe it’s time to sell my H&K USP Tactical?

  • A,J.P.


  • A.J.

    I’ve got a .40 XD sub-compact. This is a sweet ass looking gun! Would love to run it.