Sneak Peek: Tactical Weapons July 2010

Tactical Weapons' very own Andre’ M. Dall’au gets behind the…

Tactical Weapons’ very own Andre’ M. Dall’au gets behind the Anzio Ironworks mag-fed 20mm rifle. Look for a feature on monster bores in the July issue of Tactical Weapons.

Fully assembled, the barrel of one of the beasts had to nestle between the back seats of the large SUV, with the thick spade-head muzzle brake poking between the driver and passenger. It was huge, long and heavy. Nothing about those weapons are less than robust; the bi-pods could support a howitzer, the bolts looks like they came out one of the guns of Navarone and the receivers are cavernous. The weapon I fired had a specifically designed suppressor and topped with a MIL STD 1913 rail with a Night Force Optic attached…

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  • Certainly something that should be proof tested in Afghanistan. I was amazed at how little recoil and muzzle flip was present, that’s a good indicator that the muzzle device was doing its job.
    Looking forward to seeing more on this platform.

  • Michael Bronson

    This weapon is obviously one that no civilian is going to own (unless maybe you live in the state of Texas), but man, I can’t wait to get more information on this! Kind of a dream gun in my opinion. Is it me, or does it look something like a Barrett .50-cal on heavy doses of steroids?