Sneak Peek: USMGA Improved MK46

Whenever the opportunity arises to test a belt fed machine…

Whenever the opportunity arises to test a belt fed machine gun it is pretty hard to pass up. Thanks to Ernie at Red Creek Tactical and an introduction to John at U.S Machinegun Armory just such a chance came up. While picking up a firearm I noticed what appeared to be a MK46 in his shop for coating. The USMGA MK46 is an updated version of the the MK46 originally designed at the request of the Navy Seals. Turns out the manufacturer is just up the road a bit in Park City, Utah. Introductions were made and the chance to meet one of the designers and put it to the test was arranged.


U.S. Machinegun Armory makes two basic systems. One is a military specified MK46 with some small improvements they sell to the government. This is an open bolt fully automatic belt fed machinegun, meaning it fires on full auto only.


They also make a version that is based on the use of an Heckler and Koch trigger pack, one you may see on a G3. This provides a select fire application allowing for safe, semi, full, and even burst if the mechanism is so equipped. It is designed to provide better accuracy as well as make it more usable for police agencies.


As a side benefit, their design also allows for the use of alternate calibers to include 7.62 x 39mm (they are currently working on a version that uses Wilson Combats new 7.62 x 40 WT). us-machinegun-armory-improved-mk-46-c

I was able to spend a day on the range with a couple of these to see how they really work. Take a quick look at the video of both the open and closed bolt versions of this system. For more detail take a close look at my upcoming article in Special Weapons for Military and Police on the open bolt gun with some side coverage of the closed bolt design.

us-machinegun-armory-improved-mk-46-g U.S. Machine Gun Armory, LLC.
Suite 415 6300 Sagewood Drive Park City, UT 84098 USA Check out Page 2 for more photos…

Somewhat related video…

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  • BenjaminMartin

    To use it on drug interdiction, boarder ops, and open water is understandable. But to say it is great to shoot it out with thugs with AK’s in an urban setting is silly. You are responsible for every round you send down range. I hope you are not a cop in my neighborhood. To sling 200 rounds around a housing project to get Boo so you and you partner can go home. Give me a break. You sound like a wantabee who has never had a round fly past his head.

  • Ed

    Very Nice ! Cost and permit very unlikely. FBI would shit if we could buy one of these! 7.62 saw. I really want one! I feel sorry for who ever is on the wrong end of this weapon system, great job!

  • US Cop

    Why would police agencies need such a weapon ? The bad guys whom are doing bad thing and making the streets that are families travel on an where are kids play , have way more fire power than most police forces have access to and have the budget for. This weapon could have multiple applications in law enforcement, and would allow a police officer to be prepared for the fight that he could face at any given moment, and Maybe him and his partner would have a better chance to make it home to his family.

  • elevenbeetheonlyway2b

    that is a bad mother jumper. can we see another video with someone that knows how to operate a SAW. horrible trigger discipline. read a FM. you can deliver the same rate of fire shown here with an m4. Step it up mr multicam! Whip it out this weapon is the highest producer of casualties on the battlefield, oh now I’m pissed. What are you doing? 5-7 round bursts, not two, not three and no, not 2. Try again… no! Not 4. That’s it… beat your face.. get I right before it goes viral. Excellent weapon though. Just beautiful.




  • BG

    Albeit very rare, there are certain applications for a machine gun, belt fed or not, in police service. Firepower reinforcement for drug and armament interdiction operations and raids on remote drug labs and crops come to mind. This seems to be a great alternative for such purposes.

  • BenjaminMartin

    Why would the police agencies need such a weapon?!?!

  • Kent

    What scares me is the reference to police forces. Outside of the U.S., or our own police? Sorry, but wonder about our constitution and the civilian police with belt-fed machine guns.

  • Outstanding improvements! I’d like to see support for the 300 Blackout.

  • Bart Berger

    Boy I wish we had them, would have loved to fire one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • HK

    Bitchin’ gun, you should figure out how to sell them in California!!!