Springfield XD(M) Pistol | XDM Tactical Handgun

LIVE from the NRA Show, TACTICAL-LIFE.COM Brings you... the Springfield XD(M) Pistol.


* Match-Grade Barrel that rivals aerospace manufacturing, the XD(M)’s advanced approach to precision manufacturing raises the bar of expectations and perfection to the firearms industry.

* Main Focus Sights on the XD(M) are low-profile and fit perfectly in holsters, making it easy on sight acquisition.

* Minimal Reset Trigger gives the XD(M) shorter trigger travel than any other polymer pistol currently available on the market.

* The Rugged Multi-Use Carry Case provides a total experience for an XD(M) user, as it houses every accessory that comes with the gun and can be re-tasked to protect any number of items and comes with your purchase.

* The XD(M)’s “all-terrain” rugged grip adds a new depth of function to firearm handling, as the angle and contour depth was calculated for maximum vertical, horizontal and torsional control.

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  • RCH

    Does anyone know if the XD(m) has past the California Drop Test or when the testing will take place?

  • I saw the XDM on the cover of Combat Handguns today in Books-A-Million. Now that I am owner of the Springfield addition I can spot one anywhere.

    I have heard rumors they were not going to produce it in anything other than this model. But it would be a shame if they didn’t. I really like the upgrades compared to the XD. I did a full review of it on my Shooting Sports Blog. I also ran it through a torture test over the weekend before a steel plate match on Saturday.

  • House of Payne

    Does anyone know if they will feature this model in the “sub-compact” version as well?

  • Is this the gun you’re featuring in the next Combat Handguns magazine?