St. Louis Metro SWAT

Tactical Weapons was invited to ride along with the SWAT…

Tactical Weapons was invited to ride along with the SWAT team as warrants were served in different locations in the city. The officers breached the structures after identifying themselves and then entered not knowing if they were going to be met with violence or gunfire.


The professional and well-trained officers equipped with new Superior Tactical Solutions 5.56 NATO carbines for their SWAT team, make sure that the citizens and visitors are safe and can enjoy this great city.


Look for more details about the city, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police and their excellent SWAT team (as well as the new St. Charles SWAT sniper rifle) in an upcoming issue of Tactical Weapons.

Check out page two for more pictures and video.

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  • Matheus Grunt

    These folks aren’t protectors, they’re freaking criminals.

  • André McDaniel

    I have a couple of friends on the STL SWAT. Not only are they high-speed operators on the job, but they are sons, brothers,and loving husbands/fathers at home. It give me a great deal of pride knowing them, and it gives me and my family a feeling of security knowing that they are on the job. I spend time out in St. Charles County as well, and have great respect for their teams as well. I am a former LEO officer from Kansas, and you can tell the difference between guys that are all bark and no bite, and a team that walks the walk. These guys are the real deal.

  • Ken Webb

    They earn every dime they make for what they do. Thanks to all our responders. May a “higher force” protect you.