SWAT Roundup International 2010

The SWAT Roundup International (SRI) 2010 was held November 7…

The SWAT Roundup International (SRI) 2010 was held November 7 – 12 at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office firearms range just outside Orlando, Florida. The SRI 2010 featured 51 Tactical teams, judges and nationally renowned instructors from 81 agencies, 22 states and 12 countries including teams from Kuwait, Hungary, Canada, Bosnia, Jamaica, Germany, Brazil and The United States. The six day symposium consisted of education and training seminars, a trade show by over a hundred vendors and manufacturers as well as the legendary head-to-head tactical competition.


Each eight member team was challenged with five events that included the Tower Scramble, Hostage Rescue, Pritcher Scramble, Officer Rescue and the grueling 16 stage obstacle course. Each competitor had to wear their mission ready uniform and gear during the events. Each event is designed to physically stress the competitors even before they reach the firing line by running, climbing, rappelling and crawling through water and clinging mud that coats their gear and weapons.


The overall SRI winner was the Lakeland Police Department BLUE (Florida) with second place going to Marion County Sheriff’s Office (Florida) followed by Hungarian TEK Team Nine (Hungary), Osceola County Sheriff’s Office (Florida) and Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (Florida) in fifth. The tremendous San Antonio team withdrew from the competition to return to Texas in response to a shootout that left some of their fellow team members wounded during an operation. The sobering news made many more of the competitors want to accompany the San Antonio officers to assist in the on-going investigation.


The SRI competition event is considered by the competitors and their agencies as a premier training opportunity and gives teams the ability to find out what works during use and under stress as well as providing officers with a better ability to protect their home jurisdictions.


The date for SRI 2011 is currently scheduled for November 6 – 11, 2011 and for more information about the SWAT Roundup International please view swatroundup.net.
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