The 2011 SWAT Roundup International (SRI) featured 59 tactical teams…

The 2011 SWAT Roundup International (SRI) featured 59 tactical teams from the United States, Russia, Kuwait, Hungary, Aruba, Bosnia, Jamaica and Sweden. The annual six-day event consisted of training classes and seminars, a trade show by over 100 vendors and manufacturers, and the legendary head-to-head tactical competition.


The SWAT Roundup, which celebrated its 29th anniversary this year, has become one of the nation’s best-attended and most well-known SWAT competitions. This is because police departments and law enforcement agencies have learned that this competition affords them the ability to better protect their public back home by finding out how well their gear, communication and training works under physical and mental stress.


Each eight-member team was challenged with five events that included the Tower Scramble, Hostage Rescue, Pritcher Scramble, Officer Rescue and the grueling 16-stage obstacle course. Every event is designed to physically stress the competitors, forcing them to run, climb, rappel or crawl through and over obstacles while sometimes carrying entry tools or a teammate as well as their carbine or precision rifle. To help judge realistic performance, each competitor is required to wear their mission-ready uniform and gear during the events.


Interestingly enough, the first six winners of the competition were all based out of Florida. The overall 2011 SRI winner has been featured in the pages of Tactical Weapons as the protectors of America’s spaceport, the NASA Kennedy Space Center Special Response Team, with second place going to last year’s champion, Lakeland Police Department, and third place going to Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The fourth, fifth and sixth places went to Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Citrus County Sheriff’s Office and Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. The tremendous Russian team from the Russian Federal Security Service led the international teams and was seventh overall.

The SWAT Roundup will be held in December for 2012. For more information, please visit swatroundup.net.

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  • алексей

    Russian specnaz the best!!!!!!!!!!! american SWAT sucks!!!!!!!

  • Jev

    Except what its not mentioning is that judges were sinking all international teams in favor of American ones. Giving them penalties for missed targets and so on while failing to produce prove.

    The Russian guy who won the individual event almost lost it because they wanted to give the first place to American guy, and the second officer from Brasil was displaced to third place for some reason. Some teams left the event because judges were doing everything possible to make sure American teams win.

    Giving rather strange penalties, not allowing to film themselves so they can produce video proof…

    So all in all, very dirty organisation, and obviously results would be much different if it was organized on a neutral territory.

  • Europe Swat

    Russian power is the best!!!

  • Andre’ M. Dall’au

    No sarcasm was intended. I just wanted to express just genuine admiration for all the tough teams that competed at the SWAT Roundup. Perhaps my pride as a Floridian and the fact that I have worked and written about several of the agencies in the top ten showed a little. I have been at the Roundup for many years and know that it (as the other SWAT competitions) provide tremendous training and camaraderie for this elite portion of law enforcement and special operations. The work and effort brought to the Roundup is tremendous and I hope that it continues to thrive year after year. I attend and write about special operations competitions because they are significant and deserve support, and I do what I can. It is the least I can do for the operators that spend 99% of their time doing a tough, usually thankless task at the risk of their own lives to protect others. Dave, My apologies if my feelings came across differently than intended.

  • SleepyDave

    I would hope there’s sarcasm in the statement that its interesting the top 6 teams are from Florida, since it seems that most of the teams in the competition are from Florida. Of 59 listed competitors, less than 20 were from somewhere other than Florida. Every year its the same thing, a few other states send one team to compete, Florida does a token invite to some international teams, and then sweeps the field simply because to not do so would require that EVERY other invited team place in the top 10. Glad to see the Florida SWAT Roundup is still going strong.