The Barrett Multi-Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) rifle

The removal of the two pins seen forward of the…

The removal of the two pins seen forward of the MRAD receiver allows the barrel of the MRAD to be changed in the field with hand tools.

Recognizing the huge tactical, logistical, psychological and political benefits of precise, long-range sniping beyond the 5.56/7.62mm NATO performance envelope, on January 15, 2009 SOCOM released its requirements for a new PSR. Among the demanding specifications include that the PSR must have a collapsible, folding or tool-less removable stock, no component longer than 40 inches and weigh less than 18 pounds with a loaded five-round magazine. Mil Std 1913 (Picatinny) rails are required and the barrel must be changeable by the operator within 20 minutes. There is no specified caliber but the precision of shot placement and accuracy requirements will be based on measurements taken at the operational range of tactical employment at 1500 meters.

barrett-multi-role-adaptive-design-mrad-rifle-bThe use of polymers in the lower receiver and magazine resulted in a great savings in weight with no loss in strength.

The Barrett MRAD is based on the best attributes of the excellent Barrett 98B that include placing the shooter’s shoulder in linear alignment with the centerline axis of the bore, superior recoil management based on an excellent muzzle brake and polymer bolt guides that allow for smooth, lubricant independent, bolt operation. The Barrett 98B is 13.5 pounds empty, which with a loaded five-round magazine the MRAD is well under the 18-pound threshold stipulated by SOCOM for the PSR.

barrett-multi-role-adaptive-design-mrad-rifle-dBarrett’s Kyle Lynch showing the MRAD that he has personally enjoyed shredding targets at 1700 meters with it sub-MOA accuracy.

The Barrett MRAD’s comfortable stock is horizontally and vertically adjustable, folds towards the ejection port and locks on bolt handle. The MRAD shooters will be able to easily change between 19 inch 7.62mm NATO, 24 to 26 inch .338 Lapua or .300 Win Mag barrels via two set screws. Each barrel can mount either a Barrett muzzle brake or a variety of suppressors.

barrett-multi-role-adaptive-design-mrad-rifle-cThe MRAD’s folding stock is fully adjustable for length and pull, and snugly snaps on to the bolt handle for additional safety and ease of transport.

Shooting the MRAD have provided consistent accuracy results of ½ to 2/3 MOA performance with ten round groups of .338 Lapua. A Barrett shooter noted that the MRAD at the show had been shot out to 2140 meters to consistently hit on a half silhouette target. Starting cold with no dope, the shooter noted that it took “four shots to get on target then was able to place repeatable hits on the ½ mil target” (top half of a man) at over 2300 yards. He mentioned that the MRAD grouped so precisely at 1700 meters that it became “boring” to shoot! The MRAD shooting a well-designed bullet will dominate its battlespace because as legendary Marine Chesty Puller said “you got to hit em’ to hurt em’!”

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  • Patrick Martin

    I noticed that many comments to this article seem to miss some very important one of a kind next generation design and innovations which cannot be ignored and are standard on the MRAD. Please keep in mind this rifle truly exceeds a specific need between the capability gap of the 7.62 and 50 BMG firing rifles. In the personal use arena the MRAD equates to nothing like you’ve used before; it truly is in a class of it’s own from the ground up. At about 16.5 pounds with scope and a fully loaded detachable 10 Rd magazine it can actually be shot off hand if you wish. This rifle has impeccable quality, attention to every detail and is user friendly resulting in amazing practical firing applications with amazing results.

    Every ingenious design creation or improvement allows this state of the art weapon to be easily carried, giving you personal fit adjustments built in straight out of the box. The MRAD has amazing long range accuracy with a variety of ammunition and projectile types that fits any need. The MRAD is capable of using meat saving ammunition all the way to disabling an engine block at 1000 meters because the 250 grain 338 projectile is still traveling at supersonic speeds at that distance. The modular trigger assembly is designed so that you can easily adjust the trigger pull to your personal taste; I adjusted mine in around ten or fifteen minutes; it easy. Mine now has a 1.5 pound wisp of a pull yet it is well within safety parameters with no chance of accidental discharge and you know how guys hate accidental discharge.

    The MRAD recoil is amazing low due inline rifle design along with an amazing muzzle break. Having the mono pod in addition to the forward bi pod takes a lot of the work out of making a steady precision shot; it’s obvious there has been no compromise in the manufacturing of the MRAD.

    Some of the contributors to this comment thread mentioned the cost of MRAD may be detouring factor, please note. Barrett also has the previous model to the MRAD which is the Barrett model 98B also known as the 98Bravo. Though the 98Bravo may cost slightly more than some other custom built long range shooters please ask yourself these questions. Can this competitors rifle make 1700 yard shooting boring as stated in this article, can it shoot a mile plus shots as proven by many shooters and does it adjust out of the box to fit correctly and will it be low recoil when shooting a 338 Lapua Magnum like the Barrett models are? The Barrett was designed to be what it is from beginning to end; there is no glass bedding to wear out; the Polly bolt carrier is designed to work the action in extreme conditions as well as the other long list of standard features such as an adjustable cheek rest for a solid weld and adjustable stock, it also has tons of top and side 1911 style rails which accommodate a varsity of other options besides your scope. Considering a rifle like this is a life time investment and will be passed down; the way I see it the initial investment difference tiny compared to how advanced and amazing this weapon system truly is.

    Long range shooting is a perishable skill therefore you need consistent practice, I look at it this way why not get a rifle which has the low recoil of the MRAD and 98Bravo keeping consistent practice with the high power of the 338 Lapua Magnum a true pleasure. Ever shot a seven or eight pound rifle with an extreme cartridge? It kills on one end and wounds on the other.

    If you’re making a long range trophy shot or competing remember that in making long range shots many factors need to be calculated and time is often a huge factor. The Barrett BORES system attaches to the scope turret and is calibrated for several popular rifle optics. It will range your target and compensate for temperature, barometric pressure, altitude, incline, decline and even if the rifle is canted. With the supersonic crack and the hard hitting impact you want to make sure that you’re first shot is the only shot when it truly counts. The BORES system has thousands of ballistic scenarios programmed into it just for this purpose; it’s like having a data book with hundreds of authors at your finger tips, you can also program your own data into the BORES system as well.

    Almost anyone can hit a distance target with the proper equipment if given enough time taking multipal shots but the real test is making one shot, one hit. This is why I prefer the Barrett’s BORES system making it possible and practical in obtaining long range firing solutions in very short notice before loose a target opportunity. With BORES you simply range the target then dial in that range, estimate the wind and make the shot, easy peasy.

    The 98B and MRAD are made like nothing before them with zero compromise accounting for every possible detail learned from years of experience and input from Military, Police and civilian consumers. It’s my not so humble opinion that Barrett turned the next two corners in design and function and that the Barrett system weapon system will exceed your expectation in every way. If what you wish to achieve is consistent extreme long range shooting with unchallenged versatility, ease of portability, incredible ballistics options with superior build quality, function, durability in leading edge weapon systems then there is no other choice, MRAD or 98B. The only thing you can’t afford is buy something less; where there is a will there is a way.

  • AJ

    rather keep using my McMillan TAC 50

  • mark

    make it an ar instead of a bolt-action. quick change uppers and u have a deal!!!!! carry one rifle, one kind ammo.SBR/SNIPER KIT in AR platform in .338 and i will buy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Exactly what has kept me away from Barrett

    Remember you can get a custom made bolt action rifle,complete, for around 3K.

  • Ernie Rodriguez

    The rifle seems full of nice features. Now if Barrett can keep a reasonable price on it so that it is ACTUALLY competitive(price wise)-that would be great.Remember you can get a custom made bolt action rifle,complete, for around 3K.

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