The U.S. National SWAT Championship

To ensure shooter safety and control barrel orientation, some of…

To ensure shooter safety and control barrel orientation, some of the events had the competitors engage their targets through designated firing ports as this Garden City competitor shows.

1dsc00176aThe FT Riley Police SRT stacks prior to entry into the Avon Barricaded Gunman event. The first man is preparing the flash bang distraction grenade to be tossed after the door is breached by another officer with a ram.

The annual USNSC was again hosted by the United States Shooting Academy and the Tulsa, Oklahoma Sheriff’s Office. The full week of competition started with a two day Sniper competition, narrowly won by Bruce Power of Canada, followed by the three day SWAT Championship was headed by Dr. Jack O’Conner and run by a team of devious ex-SWAT and LEOs who plan and construct the excruciatingly difficult stages. Each event is designed by Rick Porter and T.J. Pilling to thoroughly challenge each shooter with brutally realistic scenarios complicated by distractions of heat (which everybody experienced), physical exertion and time stress to place shooters outside their comfort zones. The challenging events for USNSC included the following:

The 5.11 Tactical Officer Rescue started with a team member becoming a simulated casualty as the rest of the team negotiated almost 300 meters of obstacles to engage targets and then extract the wounded officer all the way back to the finish line. This was as tough as the clothes of the stage sponsor, the respected tactical clothier, 5.11.

The Avon Barricaded Gunman started with a flash bang distraction device, the team forced a dynamic entry to an unknown structure. They engaged targets and located, cuffed and carried a dummy perp to the finish line while wearing the Avon FM53 respirators and Tactical Command Industries comms.

The First Choice Armor Vehicle Assault started with precision fire, the remainder of the team had to maneuver and engage poppers, plates and clays using personal First Choice shields for cover and protection.

The MGM Multi-Gun Shootout event had each team running and clearing obstacles to clean plates, topple poppers and break clay targets with their pistols, carbines, precision rifles and shotguns.

The Patriot Ordinance Factory Carbine Crunch had each team overcome obstacles engage carbine targets and stack their team members to have a shooter to finish the relay by hitting targets from the top of the ten foot wall. Each chose different methods but every one showed that teamwork sometimes means working very closely together.

The GLOCK Pistol Relay had each team engage steel targets with sidearms while passing off an unwieldy and heavy bag that could not be dropped or set down all while wearing protective Avon FM53 masks.

The DAW Tech Hostage Rescue tested each team’s ability to use a mobile DAW Tech Bunker for protection while moving to engage multiple targets with their pistols and carbines.

The TASER Team Takedown challenged officers to engage targets with the TASER X26 and TASER XRep shotgun rounds as well as making hits on clay and steel with carbines, pistols and shotguns.

6dsc00355a-copyTo replicate real-life where not every shot is from a comfortable position, part of the First choice Armor Vehicle Assault was engaging distant targets from low, but not a prone position forcing the competitors to scramble like this Bruce Power shooter.

Reflecting real life, the officers lost points for missed shots, dropped gear, any weapons safety violations or dropping the 165 pound dummy! Just like on the street an during call-outs, officers experienced the frustration of unexpected weapon jams, misfeeds and electronic sights that failed or went out of zero that cost time and tested the training of the competitor and tactical preparedness of the team.

8dsc00446aThe Germantown Police SWAT was challenged to get their simulated casualty back to the finish line using a tactical litter during the Tactical Officer Rescue event sponsored by 5.11.

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  • Cory

    How do I hear about these type of events and would I be allowed to watch?

  • Right Coast

    Though grueling, it looks like a ton of fun.

  • Mr.Pimms

    BOOYAH!! We are the greatest. Probably used the least amount of ammo in these events too. Proud to be a CANADIAN.

    See ya next year BOY-O’s