WILSON COMBAT 7.62×40 WT SBR (video)

A short while back, the opportunity came up to test…

A short while back, the opportunity came up to test Wilson Combat’s new 7.62×40 WT rifle. It is Bill Wilson’s take on the short .30 caliber for the AR platform. It worked very well and got me thinking: How would this work in a short-barreled version? As an entry gun for SWAT teams, it sounded perfect. A double-tap with a 125-grain bullet should prove very effective. The real question: Will it work with a short barrel, or—even better—with a suppressor? It would also be nice to see it work in select-fire. So, an upper receiver was ordered and it was put through its paces.


The upper receiver arrived along with Wilson Combat’s new Whisper suppressor. The bolt was removed and placed in a Colt bolt carrier to facilitate select-fire operation. They were mated to my proven M16 lower with a few extras. It was tested both in semi-auto, select-fire, and even with complete magazines on full-auto. It looks like this system works fantastically for CQB work. Take a look at my short video of it in operation, and take a closer look at my full review coming up in Special Weapons for Military and Police. The results may surprise you—they certainly surprised me!


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