When Wilson Combat is mentioned in the same sentence as…

When Wilson Combat is mentioned in the same sentence as “personal carry,” most of us instantly think of a compact, custom 1911-frame .45-caliber pistol. While in the past that would have been totally accurate, there is now another possibility—Wilson’s handy little Burt Foster fixed blade.


At the request of Ryan Wilson, master bladesmith Burt Foster has created a limited edition series of forged, welded, laminated-blade sheath knives featuring a 1095 carbon core sandwiched between two layers of 420 stainless. This provides the performance of traditional high-carbon steel combined with the advantages of a stainless blade surface. The compact 3.3-inch blade length makes it a perfect working compliment to a defensive firearm on your strong side. Wilson is also offering the knife in a variety of handle options (polished G10, scalloped G10 and English walnut) to match your handgun grips.


For the full evaluation of this classy cutter, read Tim Stetzer’s story in the September, 2012 issue of Tactical Knives. For more information, visit or call 800-955-4856.

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