12 New Compact & Subcompact Handguns For 2014 | Springfield XDS-9 4.0
12 New Compact & Subcompact Handguns For 2014 | Springfield XDS-9 4.0

12 New Compact & Subcompact Handguns For 2014 | Colt, Springfield, Glock, Ruger & More | Galleries

12 interesting new compact & subcompact handguns of the year from Colt, Springfield, Glock, Para USA, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, and more.
12 New Compact & Subcompact Handguns For 2014 | Springfield XDS-9 4.0

12 New Compact & Subcompact Handguns For 2014 | Springfield XDS-9 4.0

Several new compact and subcompact handguns have been introduced this year. Some were long awaited, like the Glock 42 pocket pistol chambered in .380 ACP.

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Others were completely unexpected, like the Taurus Model 85 View, the smallest .38 Special revolver on the market and the first ever to have a transparent polycarbonate side plate exposing the gun’s inner workings.

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Others are virtual resurrections of handguns from the distant past, like the early 20th century Remington Model 51 redesigned for the 21st century and chambered in 9mm. But most are the latest variations of guns we know and have come to respect.

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Here are the most interesting and important new concealed-carry guns of the year from companies like Colt, Springfield, Glock, Para USA, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and more.


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  • paidtoplay

    In a life or death situation, I’ll choose one of “The 12 Proven” over the “The 12 New” any day. If your new handgun malfunctions, beauty won’t save you. But not surprisingly, there are those who buy based on cosmetics alone.

  • David M Fisher

    How about the Kimber Micro Carry. 380. Good sights. Very accurate.

  • EgbertThrockmorton1

    Any time I see “the latest and greatest firearm” list, compiled by any entity that depends entirely upon firearms industry for advertising, my suspicion meter always goes off.
    Which brings us to the abomination currently referred to as the Remington R51. It has been recalled for its entire production run, and is currently NOT in their catalog. Soooo, what gives? Is this pistol now somehow magically “safe” for the unsuspecting consumer to use to defend their lives, or hearth and home? Not a chance. What a load of bovine excrement.

  • กอล์ฟ จักรรินทร์


  • Some Rabbit

    OMG! What a collection of butt ugly guns. Apparently gun manufacturers have lost all sense of aesthetics.

    • michael

      because a gun fucking needs to look cool in order to protect yourself
      please mr robber look at my pretty gun before I pull the trigger,
      your the type of guy that doesn’t even carry one in tube. please mr mugger let me chamber one while you wait

      • Benny Bennett

        Correction, *You’re… And there is no reason that form and function cannot be intermingled and expected given the use of today’s polymers… A respectable decent looking example would be the M&P Shield, Beretta’s PX4Storm compact/subcompact, and the Glock 26. However, with that said in a life or death engagement, an actual critical incident, I would prefer the “ugliest” firearm ever to not having one at all. For the right price tag, one can own a single compact carry that is both incredibly functional as well as aesthetically pleasing… No need to be chastising this fellow or using childish vulgarities from the swear word depot against him either, it brings your own credibilty into question as the fraternity among owners and collectors alike would educate, not belittle a fellow owner. Being a long time Minister both during and since my days as a MSgt, I’ve learned it is the lack of vocabulary skills that leads one to use profanity as the only resort they have at their disposal… Perhaps next time you’d like to say “B.S” to someone, try saying “Fascinating” instead and watch the reaction.