14 bomb-sniffing dogs on way to Afghanistan died in truck; $1 million pending.

This Aug. 10, 2009, photo shows U.S. Marine Lance Cpl.…

This Aug. 10, 2009, photo shows U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Brigitte Ratzlaff, of Winter Haven, Fla., playing with Cpl. Clay, a bomb-sniffing dog, while waiting to go out on patrol in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

The death of 14 bomb-sniffing dogs allegedly housed in an unventilated sealed truck while awaiting air shipment from Houston to military forces in Afghanistan has spawned a lawsuit in which requested damages may top $1 million.

Lawyers for the dogs’ owners, Florida-based American K-9 Detection Services said the animals — German shepherds and Belgian Malinois — died on Dec. 21 while housed in a truck at Animal Port Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport facility.

In an unsuccessful bid to settle the matter without going to court, a Houston lawyer for the Florida company asked the defendants to pay $1.3 million in damages and $30,000 in legal fees. According to the lawsuit, the animals — Tiny, Rex, Rocky, Crock, Dork, Harrie, Stress, Sigo, Rex, Jaco, Kimbo, Kilo, Albert and Bak — were taken the Houston shipping facility on Dec. 20. A veterinarian had certified all were in good health.

Source: Allan Turner for the Houston Chronicle.

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  • Rick

    How in the hell can something like this happen??

  • Lance

    This is murder! Not sure, but they might have already been commissioned by the military, and if so it would be murder of an active military person on us soil. Deplorable way to die.