2010 SHOT Show: Shotgun Roundup

They were there, you had to look for them oftentimes…

They were there, you had to look for them oftentimes but 12 gauge self-defense and tactical shotguns and the smiths that specialize in working on them were still a viable presence at this year’s SHOT Show.  Matter-of-fact, some firearms companies that heretofore had not offered anything other than hunting scatterguns were offering 12 gauge pumps and modern takes on age old designs.  If you are still a scattergun fan or appreciate the ballistic effectiveness of nine 00 .33 caliber buckshot rounds on target, fear not, the following list provides possible purchases for you in this category this year.


Stoeger® Double Defense™: I’ve always liked double barrel coach guns.  Maybe because they remind me of a bygone era in law enforcement, who knows?  Although many firearms have been upgraded and modernized in recent years, the double barrel 12 gauge has not, that is until recently.  Stoeger has released the Double Defense shotgun which adds the ability to affix modern red dot sights and white lights to picatinny rail systems that are mounted above and below the twin tubes.  I’ve shot the Double Defense and I like it…a lot. stoegerindustries.com


Mossberg Custom Shotgun: Aimpro Tactical which is the official Mossberg Law Enforcement and Service Center Custom Shop has developed a tactical shotgun with a lot of neat features.  The shotgun is set-up for a red-dot sight on the integral top mounted rail system.  The design allows a co-witnessing with the custom built back-up iron sights.  Additional work includes custom work on the barrel forcing cone, trigger, a Mesa Tactical adjustable butt stock, heat shield and Hogue® rubberized forearm.  Really a neat looking and what promises to be a neat shooting design. mossberg.com


Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical: Remington showed off their new Model 887 Tactical pump action 12 gauge.  This model sports an 18 ½ inch barrel and features a 2-shot mag extension.  The new design has a rail system on top the receiver for mounting red-dot sights as well as a side mounted small rail so you can affix a white light.  The Model 887 features Remington’s Armorlokt™ coating which is a polymer finish that is impenetrable to moisture and will never rust according to company literature. remington.com


Remington Model 870 Modular Combat System (MCS): Also from Remington in their Law Enforcement line is the Model 870 Modular Combat System (MCS™) shotgun.  The system provides the tactical operator the ability to field different configurations based on the mission.  From an 18 inch barrel to a pistol gripped ten inch barrel breaching shotgun, the MCS system can, according to Remington, be modified quickly without tools based on the REM™LOC Quick Change Stock System. remington.com


BenelliUSA M4 Shotgun: Chosen and used by the United States Marine Corps the M4 from Benelli sports a fixed or adjustable butt stock, rail system on top of the receiver for reflex or holographic sights, ghost ring iron sights and has proven itself in use by the Marine Corps.  Available in a black finish as well as desert camouflage the dual piston self-cleaning operating system has proven itself reliable in hard use in the world’s hot-spots. benelliusa.com


Mesa Tactical Urbino™ Tactical Stock: According to Mesa Tactical, the standard stock length of the Benelli and Remington shotguns by members of the U.S. Military and police tactical teams has lead to an angular stance that unnecessarily exposes their less armored sides of the torso.  Mesa has developed the Urbino which has a 12 ½ inch length of pull stock to “square away” the soldier or police in their shooting stance.  Additionally, the Urbino will be available with a cheek riser to enable the use of red-dot sights.  The Urbino will begin shipping sometime after April 2010 according to Mesa’s Mitch Barrie. mesatactical.com


Safety Harbor Firearms KEG12: Small blaster is what comes to mind when holding a KEG12 from Safety Harbor.  Whether in a 7 ¼ “ or a ten inch barrel the little 12 gauge can deliver three or four buckshot rounds from a small discreet package.  Sporting a folding front vertical forearm the KEG12 could work as a small breaching shotgun or with 00 buck deliver awesome firepower from a concealed shotgun. safetyharborfirearms.com


Vang Comp Systems: The gang from Vang Comp had their superb shotguns on display.  Vang Comp does more than simply port a 12 gauge.  With contracts from the D.E.A. as well as other serious shotgun shooters, Vang Comp can take an ugly duckling of a shotgun and turn it into a beautiful swan (one that fires multiple rounds of serious 12 gauge buckshot).  I own a Vang Comp System’s shotgun that was once an old sheriff’s office Remington 870, like I said, it went from ugly to a real stunner both literally as well as figuratively.  Hans Vang and the smiths that work with him are top notch and really nice folks, check them out. vangcomp.com

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  • icefire

    Any Pistol grip or stock for an Ithaca Model 37 will fit and work on a stevens 350. http://www.riflestock.com has many, and just google ithaca model 37 parts. the Stevens is a Norinco Chinese made clone of the Ithaca, with 2 action bars instead of one.

  • FastForward to October, 2012. A lonely man sits in a Coffee Bar, surfing the net in search of a pistol gripped stock of any kind to fit the Ithica or it. I want one to, now fellows, I just bought one a month ago, and wish mine had that, and the TacStar side saddle. A ring between the reciever and stock for single point sling, and I’d not ask for anything more.

  • Eric Montou

    does anybody offer custom and pistol grip stocks for the stevens 350 pump shotgun? if so where can i find it?

  • Kenny Miller

    Just purchased a 350 with ghost sights…. took it to the range and found out how big of q piece of junk it was and had it sent back to savage…. I bought it at Dicks and they are handling the return. The gun seemed to be a second quality gun as the tube cap was cross threaded and marks on the screws where it had been disasaembled. I fired 10 rounds and 3 hot stick in the chamber… I changed brands of ammo and still the rounds fail to eject … not happy at all! I hope savage gives me a new one that works!

  • Joe


    You’re wrong. The picture is correct for the Stevens 350. I think you’re looking at the pic for either the Sage or Weatherby shotguns. I bought the Stevens 350 with ghost ring sights and the extra 28″ ribbed field barrel for $269 at Dick’s Sporting Goods in my home town.

    Bob: You’re correct. The ammo capacity is 4 + 1. Everybody except Savage on its company website has it that way. Savage lists the capacity as 5 total.

  • Bob

    I bought a Stevens 350 shotgun. The magazine capacity is not 5, I can only get four 2 3/4 shells in the magazine, and have heard others say the same thing.

  • Tactical-Life.com

    You’re razor sharp — we fixed the image …and thanks for following our site!

  • Adrian

    Its about time, I have been waiting for these shotguns that were due out in the fall of ’09’

  • Cal

    The image of the Stevens 350 (above) is incorrect. The Stevens ejects cartridges from the bottom of the receiver, not the side. Also, no pistol-grip variants have been manufactured by Savage/Stevens.