2010 Zombie Shoot: 3 Gun Practical Tactical Shoot

Stage 1 You arrive to discover it's SHTF day, you'll…

Stage 1
You arrive to discover it’s SHTF day,
you’ll need to kick some doors in
to survive. (Pistol/Shotgun)

Stage 2
You’ll run the Gauntlet looking for ammo,
a better gun, and someone to watch your
back. (Pistol/Shotgun/Rifle)

Stage 3
You’ll search and check for survivors in the
Shoot House of Horrors. (Full auto Airsoft)

Stage 4
Stop the Zombie Blitz in their tracks as they
crest the mountain top. (Semi-Rifle)

Stage 5
You’re not afraid anymore and cocky too, bring
your favorite Melee weapon for hand to Zombie combat.
(melee weapons subject to safety approval by RSO)

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  • AJ

    i hope there is going to be one in 2012