.338 Xtreme Tactical Rifle

What weighs 15 pounds, kicks like a .22-250, has as…

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What weighs 15 pounds, kicks like a .22-250, has as much energy at 800 yards as the .308 has at the muzzle, and can reliably hit man-sized targets at more than 2000 yards? Usually, the answer would’ve been nothing. As of 2008 however, there’s an answer! It’s emerged in the form of a .338 rifle, the .338 Xtreme Tactical, and its companion cartridge the .338 Xtreme, both of which are manufactured by Xtreme Machining.

olan.jpgThe .338 Xtreme Tactical is the result of a collaboration of a number of individuals skilled in long-range shooting, gun building and cartridge design. The prime movers behind the system were Olan London, a ballistic experimenter and successful competitor in 1000-yard benchrest and .50-caliber competition, and Bob Zelenky, master machinist and proprietor of Xtreme Machining and a skilled long-range shooter in his own right.

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  • lloyd

    rev prairie gun works in manitoba(?) makes the canadian sniper rifle hope that helps

    tyler thanks i noticed when i first heard of round website said law enforcement n military only but when i looked this yr wasnt there so sweet

  • i will be making this in a full auto and semi auto gun

  • i will be making this gun in abulpup and hk style format with a quad mag due out in six months.

  • Rev. Chuck Cunningham

    I want to know where a person can purchase the Canadian .338 military sniper rifle that shoots at 3500 feet with deadly accuracy? Where can a person legally fire the thing to learn to shoot it? Where can a person legally store it? How to get legally licensed to own it?

  • Matt

    Based on the 505 Gibbs…which is a large round. This thing is faster, flatter, and carries more energy than the 338 Lapua. Don’t look for it to be in a semi auto unless Barrett takes it up.

  • Thor

    What brass is this cartridge based upon? There is a .338 Federal which is a necked up .308 and outperforms many calibers but can fit in an AR10.

    Is this only a bolt action offering? Thor

  • Tyler

    this gun has ike four different models… the repeater runs about $6,000
    it is available for civilian use


    Will it be available in Australia,and if so when and the cost $us/aus and cost of reloads, brass and bullets,dyes.

    Kind regards Tama Renall

  • Gary Peabody

    Will this rifle be avalible to civilians? If so, how much will it cost?