.416 Star Power

Hollywood loves Barretts. We can tell, because since they made…


Hollywood loves Barretts. We can tell, because since they made their big screen debut in 1987’s Robocop, we’ve seen Barrett’s big .50 semi-auto involved in movie and TV action like clockwork. Recently we’ve seen the Model 82A1 in the hands of Metropolis Police in Superman Returns, blowing up graveyard plane wrecks for target practice in Jurassic Park 3, taking out drug dealer’s cars in Miami Vice and even hand-cycled (for some unknown reason) in 2007’s Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. The weapons rental houses of the film industry are busy year-round supplying M107s and Model 82A1s in various configurations.

navy-seals-2.jpgWhile California’s writers, producers and directors love the big Barrett, the State of California doesn’t. When the “powers that don’t know much” banned the semi-auto in their infamous assault rifle ban in 1993, Barrett responded with the bolt-action Model 99. Last year, when the state got around to banning every .50-caliber rifle, Barrett had already created the .416 Barrett, a new caliber for the Model 99 single-shot, bolt-action rifle.

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  • Christine Stidd

    As being from Sweden I can assure you that we never give up on SAAB. When (and if) GM will allow a new owner to start building SAAB’s again we will get production rolling again.

  • Amen! Reverend. It is so funny right now There is a weapon being bought and sold by felons and minor children. You do not have to even tell anyone your name when you buy this weapon. It will kill at over 100 yards. It is for the most part totally silent. It can hit a 3inch circle at that distance.

    How would you like to think you can be standing with a friend and with out warning. Your friend sprouts a 2 and 1/2 inch hole through their chest and in less than ten seconds they have died. Now you look around and see nothing within a city block except for a tall Oak tree. Then you see a slight bit of movement in the tree and you are also hit with a sharp pain and see a 2.5in hole that has sprouted in your chest as well.

    Can you spell bow and arrow. Remember if Geronimo had a compound bow. We could all be speaking Apache today.


  • Politicians, in general, will always find something to attach their mindless rhetoric. Hollywood loves attention. The two make strange bed-fellows and California has both par excellance…it’s to expected. California reminds me of the old saying about American management: “They worry about piss-ants when elephants are stampeding, because they can do something about the piss-ants.” So it is with the Barrett .50 cal…

    The MaDuce is still one of the best Heavy Machine Guns made. There is nothing magical or demonic about the .50BMG for pete’s sake. It’s a really big .30-06, and Browning made it in a rush. Come on. The .50 cal is best against equipment and barriers and the enemy in or behind them. Barrett capitalized on trimming down a delivery system that works well.

    If law abiding US citizens want to own and shoot a Barrett .50 cal responsibly, so what. Leave them alone.

    From what I have seen of the Barrett .416, I’d personally rather own that or even their new .338 Lapua or maybe they would calibrate a rifle in the new .338 Xtreme.

    I prefer something my old bones won’t break carrying around out in the field when I shoot. Barretts are just too dang heavy for my aging 5’6″ skinny frame.