437th Civil Affairs Army battalion activates at Fort Story, Virginia (video).

Army battalion activates at Fort Story: wavy.com The Army activated…

Army battalion activates at Fort Story: wavy.com

The Army activated the 437th Civil Affairs Battalion in a ceremony at Fort Story Saturday afternoon. The battalion is the only one of its kind in the state of Virginia.

“We’re now on the books for any needs for a contingency mission or Afghanistan,” said LTC Bradley Heston. “The Army knows we’re here, and if they need us, they’ll ask for us.”

The soldiers’ mission is the same in times of war and peace, to create stability in foreign countries. Civil affairs soldiers are the middle men between military and civilians living on the battlefields.

“Rebuilding communities, digging wells for locals that don’t have water, building schools where schools aren’t around, we do it all,” said CSM Stephen Coville II.

Source: Anne McNamara for WAVY.com.

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  • Jeff

    @EGS, just think of it as a soft power capability of the Army… like Navy hospital ships in disaster relief missions. Both guarantee the respective service an asset that support both military and political goals in a region.

  • EGS

    I thought nation building was a State Department area of responsibility? Is this more duplication of services by a free spending government?