The Ambush 6.8 doesn't have a forward assist, but because…

The Ambush 6.8 doesn’t have a forward assist, but because it’s meant for hunting and already very reliable, you won’t miss it

How could a rifle that was once banned from civilian sales become the most popular sporting rifle ever designed? Maybe that 10-year ban—The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994—was the trigger. Or maybe consumers finally realized that the AR-15 platform was not just a tactical weapon system, but a unique, adaptable rifle platform that is as effective in the hands of a hunter as it is in those of a soldier. Ambush Firearms is offering several rifles purpose-built with that notion in mind.

It’s funny how things change. Sometimes change comes quickly and sometimes not so fast. Consider for a moment that the M16 was adopted for military service in the mid-1960s. The AR-15, a semi-auto variant, became commercially available soon after that. However, even though the rifle was popular, it was considered mostly a fun-to-shoot rifle best suited for law enforcement or apocalyptic events. It really wasn’t until 3-Gun competitions became nationally popular and Remington introduced the R-15 in 2008 that the AR-15 platform became an accepted sporting rifle.

When that happened, firearms manufacturers began altering the platform to better suit hunters. These alterations were as simplistic as applying a camo finish to more complex builds that totally transformed the platform to a true woodsman’s rifle. Marty Daniel at Daniel Defense understands the serviceability of the AR platform as well as anyone and created an entirely new company to cater specifically to hunters.

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