USMC’S New Colt M45 1911 45 ACP Pistol Sneak Peek

The Marines Pony Up with the new Colt M45 pistol, with a 1911 platform.

Colt’s M45 CQBP (close quarters battle pistol) returns the 1911 to the military fold. There’s a reason why USSOCOM’s elite forces use the 1911 in .45 ACP: It works, plain and simple, and it doesn’t matter that the design is over 100 years old. (What’s that expression? If it ain’t broke…?) When the Marines went shopping for a new .45, naturally they gravitated to the 1911 platform. And despite the range of manufacturers offering 1911s today, they chose Colt, the original— call it poetic justice. The Marine M45 CQBP is based on Colt’s Rail Gun, and in the words of retired Lieutenant General William M. Keys, Colt President & CEO, it is a “highly enhanced version of an already excellent combat weapon.”

#2Z83 Colt Firearms for Tactical Weapons Harris Pub / Robert Sad

In an upcoming issue of Combat Handguns, I test the M45, an early prototype that, with exception to its roll marks, was nearly built to mil-spec. The test gun performed flawlessly. The Marines have come full circle with Colt in adopting the M45 CQBP. It is very different from the last Colt pistol contracted by the military, the 1911A1. In some respects, the M45 more closely resembles the first 1911 used in World War I, but it is by no means your great-granddaddy’s 1911. For more information, visit or call 800-962-COLT.

#2Z83 Colt Firearms for Tactical Weapons Harris Pub / Robert Sad

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  • OldSgt

    Have an older Kimber Match 45 & it’s magnificent. Really enjoy the Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 they offer – great shooting gun. Would take either over the Beretta 9mm. Prefer reliability over quantity of rounds in a bad situation.

  • Oglee

    Dan these are not $4000 handguns. Its a $22mil contract for 12,000 handguns that is around $2,200. The price also includes spare parts, ect. The price of the individual handgun is even cheaper.

  • Pistol6

    I have had the treat of being able to handle the M45 at both the Annual National Guard Association of the United States Conference and at the Annual Conference of the United States Army Association. This is a very well made weapon and I hope the Army follows the lead. I have had to put 24 pound springs in a 1911 due to some hot ammo that was pushing a 230 grain HP at 1100 FPS but that spring weight did not feel near as heavy as the two(2)springs in the M45. I can only imagine what the Ammo will be like coming out of that barrel.

  • TheFunSource

    Wow, Kimber Colt Kimber Colt. I buy colts for the investment value but Kimber quality has gone way down hill. Les Baer, Wilson Combat, Ed Brown, Nighthawk. any of those would be hands down a better 1911!

  • Chuck Cannon

    I own 2 Colts a 1991 A1 and LW Commander,had them for over 20 years and they work!Never had anything break!Jumped on the Kimber wagon a few years ago and got an Ultra Cary.It jams about 2 or 3 out of 50 rounds,and it breaks,the ejector went bye bye at the range one day, after that was fixed, the magazine catch release shattered and the mag fell out.No +P loads or hot reloads just factory hardball. I carry the old Colt Commander every day and would bet my life on it.

  • Matthew Scott

    Viet Nam 69-70. I carried a Colt 45 that was not worn out and during one practice session I threw a coke can up into the air and kept it up 4 shots in a row. Might have been 5 but the can had split into two pieces and I was in awe of myself. Wish I could have kept it but you know how funny the Army is about that sort of thing.

  • Milo

    My choice would be a Glock 21. 13+1 rounds of .45.

  • Loubot10

    All it proves about colt is that they got a General in charge that knows how to do the Pentagon Polka. I’ll keep my SA MC OPERATOR thanks anyway.

  • Mike

    To the guy who said they hope doesnt rush production.. Well the M16s and M4s are rushed and are insanely crappy. I know this because I was a Marine for 12 years. Then they got some A4 variants from FN and those did much better than the colt counterparts. Colt has lost my respect a long long time ago.

  • Finaly Colt steped up to the plate ! This concept has always been a no brainer for Kimber ! .45 semi HP sp Oh man what a mess !

  • Joe Mama

    I would much rather carry something that held at least 15 rounds! Let the Generals carry these 1911’s

  • Dan

    Before you all get excited. The government is paying like $4000.00 per pistol on these so it has nothing to do with quality, just another government hookup of wasteful spending.

  • Dave Meyer

    MARSOC did contract Kimber for some M1911’s that were used for the MEU-SOC pistol. Kimber marketed the Desert Warrior based off of the MEU-SOC pistol. There were reliabilty issues and the Marine Corps did not renew the contract.

  • yancey

    Browning designed it first.

    To those who call Kimber junk, I’m sorry, but they’re not. Neither is Springfield, SigSauer, Ruger, etc. Yes, Colt had the first contract. Others have filled orders and were excellent service weapons. I’m glad Colt is doing well both in pistols and long guns.

    I’m also a supporter of other manufacturers, I like variety. They’re all fun to shoot. If you have good aim, even a rock is a deadly weapon.

  • Camino377

    To everyone saying Colt is copying Kimber, Colt released the first 1911. Whenever a company releases a 1911 model, they are copying Colt. It would be the same thing with any company making AR-15’s, they are copying Armalite’s design (which they sold to colt, but it was their’s originally.)
    All this proves is the reliability and ingenuity that went into the 1991, 101 years old and is still being brought back into military hands.

  • Sam Colt

    Colt copying Kimber? Now that’s funny. History is your friend… Just saying.

  • Mark

    While I am thrilled to see the USMC go back to a .45 and I love the idea that they chose COLT. I do however have some mixed feelings about the rush to get these into production. I read many reviews where the frame was developing cracks and other unacceptable developments. I hope that Colt will not deliver anything to our guys that is substandard.

  • Robbstercraw crusher

    COLT made a 1911 before there was a Kimber!
    Who’s Trying to copy who!
    FYI; COLT is the BEST!!!

  • john

    I def want one too. u can keep your kimber MIM crap robbstercraws, i’ll gladly take the colt.

  • I want one….. =)


    It looks like an exact copy of the Kimber Desert Warrior, the only difference is the grips that they used. What a cheap ploy to copy the best….