A-TACS x Safariland Digital Concealment Systems and Safariland Concealment Products for Military and Law Enforcement

Safariland, a BAE Systems line of business, announced today a…

Safariland, a BAE Systems line of business, announced today a partnership with Digital Concealment Systems, LLC to exclusively offer the A-TACS® (Advanced Tactical Concealment System) camouflage pattern within the body armor category.

A-TACS camouflage provides enhanced concealment using a greater range of intermingled natural colors. The base color is a neutral tan, designed to blend effortlessly in urban, rocky or arid environments. The patented A-TACS process creates a more natural camouflage appearance by replacing digital square pixels with small organically shaped pixels. This concept of larger pixel groupings organized within the pattern creates a unique “pattern within a pattern” that enables A-TACS to conceal the operator more effectively at greater distances than previously possible.

“We are excited to add the A-TACS line of camouflage offerings to our PROTECH brand,” said Dan McNeil, Category Director for Armor Tactical products. “Our partnership with A-TACS is another step in the right direction of providing products that meet and exceed the requirements of law enforcement officers and agencies serving our communities every day.”

A-TACS will be available as a color option for all of PROTECH’s tactical carriers and soft tactical armor accessories such as yokes, throats, collars, biceps, groin protectors and pouches.

Safariland joins other manufacturers in offering A-TACS products which are launching worldwide. Combined, the collection of introductory products represents the first full head-to-toe concealment system offering to tactical professionals in the U.S.


For more information on PROTECH’s offerings visit Safariland.com/bodyarmor.


Safariland™ Introduces Speedfeed Stocks in A-TACS® Camo
Safariland, a BAE Systems line of business, introduces select SPEEDFEED I and SPEEDFEED III shotgun stocks now available in A-TACS Camo.

The new stocks debuted at the NASGW Show, and are in response to demand from law enforcement, military and consumers for shotgun stocks that match uniforms and natural environments.

The new camouflage patterns are applied hydrographically, while the Flat Dark Earth models are molded in that color.

Molded from 30 percent glass-filled polymer for strength and durability, SPEEDFEED I and SPEEDFEED III stocks feature magazine tubes on the side of the butt stock that hold a total of four 2 ¾” shot shells, two on each side, making extra shells or different loads instantly accessible. Shells are held in place with steel springs, holding them securely until needed.

SPEEDFEED I shotgun stock sets are made in a traditional shotgun butt stock configuration, with checkering for a secure grip. Stock sets include a butt stock, forend and recoil pad.

SPEEDFEED III stocks are the original and industry standard for tactical shotgun stocks. Featuring a one piece pistol grip, the Speedfeed III configuration allows true one hand control. Stocks sets include a butt stock with integral pistol grip, forend and recoil pad. Both the SPEEDFEED I and SPEEDFEED III stocks are available for the following 12 gauge shotguns; the Remington 870, Remington 1100, The Remington 11-87 and the Mossberg 500/590. They sell for MSRP of $149.95. Safariland.com/firearmsaccessories.

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  • Lucas

    To Frank: I am a swat operator and I will tell you first hand we are not going to dress up to please the public. We arre not patrol officers. We go after the worst of criminals and on occasion terrorist. One of our tools is intimidation. We are soldiers if you look at the fact that we are the first line of defense for homeland security. Any tool including camo which will break up our body fig and that will help keep us safe and allow us to get the job done without loosing a team member or hostage is always a plus.

  • Aaron

    If you look at the helmet and armor the officer is wearing it’s clear the officer is part of a tactical unit and not a uniform patrol officer. Our tactical officers on SWAT teams and such need every tool they can to keep them safe and ultimately keep us safe. Vindex-Injuriae

  • ava8harrierusmc1

    Ya Frank you are right but don’t you think maybe you should get some also. I know I am having done my time in the Marine Corps in the 80’s I have just as much right as do you to own this type of camoflagued uniforms also. I look at it this way if they get it I have to its a way of saying you are no better then me you are here to protect me and if you don’t then I will do it myself.

  • Mark

    To Frank: Considering the state of the global criminal mindset, Military and LE personnel need every advantage they can get; and to answer your question regarding what the guy in the picture is camoflagued from should be reworded to for. He is taking advantage of natural terrain to do his job and protect you! If someone was holding you or your family hostage I bet you would support any advantage the people helping you out could get and in this case means not being noticed a half a second earlier as a SWAT team was about to enter your dwelling and save your life(s) ultimately getting the drop on said bad guys. There are times when a uniformed officer is a visual deterrent and other times when absolute discretion is best. This stuff is great and I support it!

  • Frank

    Gimme a break! Police Officers are looking more and more like the Army or Marine Corps. This is getting ridiculous. What is the guy in the picture supposed to be camoflagued from? No wonder some in the public don’t trust police officers anymore. They look and act more like the SS than your typical Officer.