Action Always Beats Reaction

I was recently teaching the firearms portion of a “citizen’s…

I was recently teaching the firearms portion of a “citizen’s police academy” for my department, a “class” that is more of a public relations effort than anything else. As a supervisor having fielded and investigated many officer complaints during my career, I’ve come to realize that a lot of the tension between officers and the citizens they police arises from a lack of understanding on the part of citizens as to the real reasons behind why we do some of the things that we do. Of course, there really are reasons behind our procedures.

street2.jpgI began to embark upon my diatribe against Hollywood and the disservice done in the minds of television and movie viewers in their portrayal of reality as it applies to law enforcement, and even guns in general. While I was teaching this portion, I realized some of the subject matter was probably worth repeating to officers as well.

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