AdeQ Firearms 1911

The Vigilum is the first handgun offering of AdeQ Firearms…

The Vigilum is the first handgun offering of AdeQ Firearms Company. It is a full-sized, 1911 style pistol with the following features:

• Rail system
• Five-pound match trigger
• Adjustable low-profile night sights
• 30 LPI (lines per inch) front strap checkering
• Optional blended magwell
• G-10 grips
• Beavertail safety
• Match barrel, bushing and link
• Lowered and flared ejection port


These hand-fitted firearms offer exceptional performance and accuracy. The Vigilum is available in 45 ACP, 40 S&W, and 9mm.

Vigilum is a Roman military term derived from the term “Vigiles Urbani”, meaning “watchmen of the city”, used to describe the police of Ancient Rome. The AdeQ Firearms Vigilum will serve honorably whether the intended purpose is for law enforcement use, home defense, or even recreational/competitive shooting.



All of AdeQ Firearms pistols and rifles are built in their Tampa shop. Like all AdeQ Firearms, your Vigilum Tactical Pistol can be customized. Please check out their website at as well as their Facebook and Twitter for more information about the company and their products.

Suggested retail for a basic Vigilum Tactical Pistol model begins at $1715.00.

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