“Venator,” a Roman military term meaning “hunter” or “skirmisher,” aptly…

“Venator,” a Roman military term meaning “hunter” or “skirmisher,” aptly applies to this mission-capable rifle. Shown with the Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic with 3x magnifier.

The story has repeated itself too many times to count. A car speeds toward a group of people. Maybe it’s a checkpoint or a group of people waiting in line to vote. In less time than it takes to write this paragraph, the car explodes, killing scores and wounding hundreds. So far, the scene is stereotypical for Iraq and Afghanistan. If there’s a law enforcement officer standing between innocent lives and a hell-bent terrorist, I hope he has more firepower in his hands than a sidearm or possibly a standard AR-15.

adeq-venator-762mm-b A GoGun Talon muzzle brake tames recoil and reduces muzzle rise to keep you on target for fast and easy follow-up shots.

Don’t get me wrong, the 5.56mm NATO is a battle-proven cartridge, and the AR platform has more than five decades of service to recommend it. But this combination has limited usefulness in stopping a car or truck. In a realistic sense, the only actual man-portable anti-materiel weapons fire are .50 BMG rounds, but that’s a bit much to expect a patrol officer to carry in the trunk of his cruiser. What makes better sense is an AR-10-platform rifle with a 20-round magazine to provide enough penetration to stop a vehicle, smash through a windshield or defeat a barricaded threat. When the 5.56mm cartridge isn’t enough, LE officers might want to have AdeQ Firearms’ new .308 Venator Battle Rifle in their hands.

adeq-venator-762mm-c The upper receiver is an extrusion made from 7129-T5 aluminum that is anodized and Teflon-coated for a long, productive life.

Some tactical weapon manufacturers stick with familiar sounding names for their various guns. Many sound like nomenclature from a military instruction manual, while others get creative when naming weapons. “Venator” is a Roman military term meaning “hunter” or “skirmisher,” which applies to this firearm. “We were driving to our first show in June in Altanta and Alex pulled out a Roman military dictionary and went through several,” AdeQ Chief Operating Officer Chris Krier said, “and Venator stuck.”

The Venator’s lower receiver is milled from a solid 6061-T6 alloy billet and has a Teflon-coated black. Note the easy-to-hold Magpul MOE grip.

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  • Scott

    I just purchased one today with the following upgrades:

    Some modifications to the basic design:

    1) Instead of a 16″ barrel, I opted for the 20″ barrel

    2) TROY Industries BattleRail TRX 13.8″ (​anew-products/​troy-battlerail-trx-308-13-​8)

    3) A.R.M.S. Inc, A2 profile flip up front sight gas block (​default.asp?mode=products&s​ub=sights&id=%5Bhsh%5D41-L​UG)


  • miguel santana

    were is his company located at for service or to purchase this weapon.

  • Blu Sky

    The guys at Adeq Firearms Co. did a fantastic custom build for me. It has a rifle length free-float fore-guard, a Timney Gold Pack drop in trigger group that is smooth as butter, a phenomenal muzzle brake that truly tames the recoil of the powerful 7.62x51mm round, and custom Duracoat finish in a MultiCam-esque pattern.

    It looks good but performs even better. On my first outing, I was able to group 1″ from 35 yds with iron sights; had 2 of the holes overlapping. At that distance, the front post of my iron sight is wider than the 8″ target I was aiming at.

    Can hardly wait to find the “right” optic for some extended range fun.

    –A very satisfied customer. 🙂

    Remember: Safety First!

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