Afghanistan blast kills 6 U.S. troops

In what was an extraordinarily violent day even by Afghan…

In what was an extraordinarily violent day even by Afghan standards, separate incidents on Sunday killed seven Western troops, including six Americans who died in a single blast, along with five Afghan police officers and at least 18 civilians, Western and Afghan officials said.

The six Americans died in an explosion in eastern Afghanistan, where fighting has been on the increase. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization force confirmed the deaths late Sunday without disclosing the nationality of those killed, but a U.S. official said they were Americans.

In recent months, the pace of military deaths caused by homemade bombs had slowed, mainly because of better equipment and improved detection methods.

Two other Western troops were killed over the weekend in southern Afghanistan, the military announced: one in an insurgent attack Sunday, making it one of the year’s deadliest days for NATO forces; and another in a bombing Saturday.

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