After six month deployment at sea, submariners meet their babies for first time (video).

Submariners meet their babies for first time: Over 200…

Submariners meet their babies for first time:

Over 200 submariners are back in Connecticut after a sixth month deployment overseas. The USS Annapolis and USS Pittsburgh are back in New London.

Even before the USS Annapolis reached awaiting families many along the banks of the Thames River welcome it home. Five babies were born during the six month deployment.”I think the sacrifice is shared between us and our families,” said Commander John Gearhart.

Gearhart lead the crew on its 31,000 mile mission which brought it to ports from Bahrain to Greece. The USS Pittsburgh pulled into port Wednesday afternoon. There are six new daddies on that sub.

“You know she’s born and I know when I left she was pregnant, but opportunity to hold her for the first time it kind of becomes reality so it’s very nice,” said Lt. Cmder Darrell Brown.

Source: Tina Detelj for News 8 WTNH.

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