Air Ordnance Automatic Belt Fed SMG .22

Air-Ordance (, a newly formed U.S. air gun manufacturer introduces…

Air-Ordance (, a newly formed U.S. air gun manufacturer introduces the SMG .22 caliber belt fed pellet gun. This fully automatic .22 caliber pellet gun, which is powered by Co2, nitrogen or compressed air, features an exclusive .22 caliber 100 round ammo belt system and is designed to outperform other .22 caliber pellet guns currently on the market. This new gun, designed by members of the Tippmann Family, offers many exciting features, which include the fully automatic rate of fire, which is adjustable up to 12 rds per second with a velocity of 600 feet per second. The user friendly SMG .22 comes stock with a removeable ammo drum to accommodate up to 100 rds of .22 caliber pellets, but if you prefer, you can make the ammo belt as long as you desire by adding additional links.

Air Ordnance has engineered and built the SMG .22 with consumer comfort and form in mind. This air gun features a comfortable 45 grip frame, with a contoured rubber rear grip and has an adjustable front grip on a Piccatiny rail for enhanced design and comfort when shooting. The light 3lb. trigger pull, coupled with a short trigger pull, helps to increase volume when shooting. This lightweight gun weighs only 4.2 lbs. and has an overall length of of 26” inches. The rifled barrel, along with front and rear sights help promote consistent shooting accuracy and proper shooting form.


SMG .22 the new concept in .22 caliber pellet guns, ships with a 250 rds. of ammunition, one 100 round ammo drum, two 100 round ammo belts, easy load ammo tool, and owners manual.

Air Ordnance is excited to announce the launch of this product. You can request a free brochure and view the entire Air Ordnance line, by visiting or by calling Toll Free:1-800-671-1498

Power Source: Co2, Nitrogen or Compressed Air
Caliber: .22
Rate of Fire: Up to 12 Rds. Per Second
Velocity: 600 Feet Per Second
Weight: 4.2 lbs.
Length: 26”
Barrel Material: Rifled
Safety: Cross Bolt
Front Sight: Fixed
Rear Sight: Dovetail / Adjustable
Front Grip: Composite

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  • I would definitely buy one of these for fun, even though I’m selling some full auto air guns of my own design. I have to admit that my airguns make better weapons than toys. When I shoot them, .75 caliber steel projectiles blast downrange at about 500 FPS. Add a 300 RPM automatic mode and it’s very powerful. Would you shoot that airgun in your back yard? In my opinion, the SMG 22 is more fun for that sort of thing.

  • OPT

    Air-Ordnance’s website lists them at $595 (up $45 since I purchased my gun) they have made a few improvements from what you see in the pictures.

    The barrel is rifled so they are pretty accurate. Just remember, use cheap pellets, get the same results 🙂

    Yes you can mount a small scope on it if you want. I don’t shoot it long range, so I use a VISM micro green dot sight with red laser on top of a 1″ open riser so I can still use the open sights if needed. Keep in mind the rear sight rises about an inch above the rail in height, and on the other end of the 4″ rail, is the latch for loading door that you must be able to get at.

    They come with new drums so the belts feed right back into the drum when fired instead of what is shown.

  • cheech

    hi , how much and can a scope be mounted and if so how accurate is it? thanx chris

  • nice