VIDEO: First Official Test Fire of the Long-Awaited AK-50

Three years after it was initially conceived, the prototype AK-50 has fired its first round.

Brandon Herrera, aka “The AK Guy,” dreams big. In fact, he dreamt of scaling up the AK-47 to chamber the venerable .50 BMG. His project, named the AK-50, is currently only in its infancy, but he has a fabricated an early rifle consisting of a barrel, trigger and milled receiver with a bot carrier group. There is no real gas system yet, but Herrera was looking to see if the assembled parts would fire a .50 BMG round, and if the video is any indication, it looks like the test-fire was successful!

Brandon’s next step is completing his monster AK-50 with a functional semi-automatic operating system. He plans to have a working prototype by early 2018. Brandon, we hope you succeed and we love it when Americans chase down their dreams. Stay tuned for updates!

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