ALEXANDER ARMS’ Gas Piston Grendel

Alexander Arms' NEW Gas Piston Grendel is the first to…

Alexander Arms’ NEW Gas Piston Grendel is the first to feature a gas piston upper. It was made in response to requests for a cleaner, cooler and more reliable gas piston model than what conventional ARs currently provide.

* First ever gas piston chambered in 6.5
* Uses a modified chromed bolt carrier group
* Monolithic upper receiver by Vltor
* The upper is machined out of one piece of aluminum, including its handguards
* Features Alexander Arms’ custom trigger group

Now available for order, ship date TBA

For more information on this and other Alexander Arms products, visit

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  • michael england

    I installed an adams arms retrofit on my sabre mid length 6.5. Would not stop jamming, even after it was sent to adams. Bought a new bolt from aa, dropped it in, and never jammed again. food for thought.

  • dwm

    for anyone wishing for the 6.5, build one yourself.
    saber barrel, Adams Arms Mid length gas piston conversion, their tech dept has comments on this conversion. seems to work quite well. i have found good pricing on the Adams conversion.

  • jimh

    I called AA mid decemeber and was told the carrier group has a 12-14 week back order, I have seen two sold on gunbroker for alot more than the listed price for those who do not want to wait

  • Dan

    I ordered the gas upper about nine months ago. I have called the office twice about delivery. The gals were pleasent to speak with, but some how you new they were tired answering the same questions (Delivery is behind) I still hanen’t seen the finished product.

  • Superman

    One year later…what AA 6.5G piston rifle???

    You’ll wait for this as long as you do their ammo…fooooooorrrr ev er.

    I think AA has like 5 people working for them.

  • Relic

    I’d be willing to bet that HK (which was working with the U.S. military on an improved M-16 platform for several years) either won’t license the technology at all, or the cost of offsetting the license cost is prohibitive.

  • crimson30

    Be sure to share how the call goes. I’ve e-mailed them on it with no response.

  • BrianGM

    Suhweet! ‘cept I go to AA’s website and there’s no mention of it….any chance you can provide a link? Maybe I’ll just wait ’till tomorrow morning to call them…..I hope they don’t look at me like I’m crazy 😉