All About Suppressors

A NBC news reporter recently questioned the reason why armed…


A NBC news reporter recently questioned the reason why armed professionals need sound suppressors. “The military uses them for covert action and nighttime tactical assaults where stealth and surprise are required, but experts say it is not clear why… guards would need them for missions such as personal protection of diplomats.” It is safe to say that those so-called “experts” have no credibility whatsoever. It’s time for some clear thinking and plain speaking about sound suppressors, which are called “silencers” under US law.

A real expert would know that sound suppressors provide more suppressors-2.gifthan a dozen mission-essential capabilities for both day and night. A real expert would know that suppressors are invaluable tools to any armed professional. Suppressors are particularly valuable for any armed professional operating in confined spaces like residences, offices and vehicles. This reality clearly includes those tasked with close protection missions. While sound suppressors can be as versatile as the creativity of the person using them, most mission-critical capabilities of sound suppressors fall into the following categories.

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