AM General M1165A1 w/B3 HMMWV

In an effort to save the "Hummer" from being replaced…


In an effort to save the “Hummer” from being replaced by the JLTV, AM General debuted the reliability enhancement package. The vehicle includes underbody armor, rocker armor, lower windscreen deflector armor and energy absorbing seats as standard. With the B3 option, the vehicle adds perimeter armor, overhead armor, a rear ballistic bulkhead, optional side and door perimeter protection, front cowl and wheel well protection, and a single movement combat lock (SMCL). The weight with all this protection climbs to 12,100 pounds. It maintains the 6.5L V8 turbocharged diesel with 190-hp, and a max speed of 70 mph. The version on display at AUSA also featured efficient LED headlights, a step to the doors, a tool mount on the hood, an ammo tray on the roof, and M249 machine gun mounts at the rear doors.

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  • It looks good, but one major flaw that everyone seems to over-look, the power plant. Why do we keep the aged and inept 6.5? This is one of the major weekness’ of this pakage. The 6.5 engine and transmision was never designed to push this kind of weight for extended periods in very demanding environments. A large majority of maintenance time is lost to replacement of the under powered engine. The duramax is out there and it is more that capable.

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