Ambush & Counter-Ambush

Well, we have had a breathless couple of weeks to…

Well, we have had a breathless couple of weeks to digest all the sensationalized negatives about Blackwater, and their contract security services in Iraq. Blackwater is America’s largest and one of the oldest and most experienced trainers and purveyors of independent contactors for augmentation of military and civilian government personnel throughout the world. On balance, they perform a vital and dangerous job with a great deal of professionalism and courage.

Convoy ambushes, particularly large urban convoy ambushes of opportunity take time, planning, logistics and manpower to set up. If the enemy does not have intelligence on who, what, where and when the convoy is departing its safe haven, the insurgents may have to patiently wait in their covered and concealed positions for quite some time. If the most recent Blackwater ambush occurred as alleged, in an urban area, populated by businesses and residences with people out and about in the “kill zone,” then the “civilians” had to know about the operation in advance.

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