American activists in Pakistan to protest U.S. drone strikes.

Source: Pan-African News Wire Photo/Flickr About 35 American activists dressed…

US drone unleashing the hellfire missile. This deadly weapon has killed thousands and is deployed in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Obama has increased its usage which kills civilians.
Source: Pan-African News Wire Photo/Flickr

About 35 American activists dressed in pink are expected to take part in a demonstration Friday in Islamabad against U.S. drone strikes that target militants in Pakistan.

The U.S. protesters, from the anti-war group Code Pink, are visiting Pakistan to make contact with people affected by the drone strikes and draw the attention of the American public to the situation in areas where the attacks take place.

“We are here to say, on behalf of those Americans with a conscience, that we apologize to the people of Pakistan for the killing and suffering” caused by the drones, Medea Benjamin, one of the founders of Code Pink, said at a news conference Thursday in Islamabad.

Organized in conjunction with a British advocacy group, the rally Friday is scheduled to take place in one of the Pakistani capital’s busiest market places. The protesters say they plan to wear bright pink clothes, carry banners and recite anti-drone chants.

Source: Shaan Khan and Jethro Mullen for CNN.

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  • Mic

    These people are ignorant. Would they rather put our soliders in harms way? They talk about killing and suffering? Well, the people of Pakistan should not be hiding these terrorists. Wonder what they will want the U.S.A to do if these terrorists kidnap one of them? Of course we will try to save them, because that is what America does. We protect our citizens. The terrorists they are protesting for could give two sh*ts about them. Get a life people.