American Apparel lands major contracts to produce fire-resistant combat shirt, trouser for combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Selma-based American Apparel received great news last week, when it…

Selma-based American Apparel received great news last week, when it was awarded three military contracts valued at $50 million.

Jim Hodo, the company’s chief operations officer, made the announcement during a press conference Wednesday morning, surrounded by members of his staff and team members from the Dallas County Economic Development Authority.

“American Apparel is fortunate to receive these contracts,” Hodo said. “These could not have come at a better time for us. This will allow us to prevent any future layoffs and give us the ability to bring back 40 recently laid off employees and hire about 40 more.”

The contracts are for combat and military uniforms for the United States Marine Corps and United States Army.

For the Marines, American Apparel will produce a fire-resistant combat shirt and trouser to be used in combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. For the Army, the company will continue to manufacture combat coats with the Afghanistan-specific multi-cam camouflage pattern as well as a field coat liner.

In order to meet the demands of the new contracts, the company, in addition to hiring additional staff, will invest approximately $500,000 in building expansions and upgrades.

The plans are for the company to expand sewing and manufacturing operations into an already existing building on site, bringing the amount of heating and cooled manufacturing area to over 40,000-square feet. Some of that expansion work has already started.

Source: Tim Reeves for Selma Times Journal.

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