American Tactical Imports VK-22 .22LR

American Tactical Imports is proud to announce the release of…


American Tactical Imports is proud to announce the release of a brand new varmint-hunting rifle, the Varmint Killer VK-22.

The VK-22 has a multicaliber mil-spec lower receiver paired with a Chiappa Firearms .22LR dedicated upper receiver. The Chiappa upper has a picatinny rail, a 16” barrel with six grooves and a 1×16 rate of twist.

It has a collapsible stock and includes one 28 round magazine or one 10 round magazine, per state restrictions.

Also, the lower used for the VK-22 will receive any manufactured mil-spec 556 upper, just in case the shooter should desire some variety.

The VK-22 is suitable for all types of varmint hunting, plinking or hobby shooting.

SKU for the VK-22 are ATIGVK2228 (for the 28 round magazine) and ATIGVKT2210 (for the 10 round magazine), MSRP is $499.95.

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  • JJ

    Where can I get this in PA (USA)

  • Nophadol

    Will shoot any .22 Federal bulk with no problem.
    Look and feel better than S&W M&P 15/22 (only shoot CCI Mini mag)

  • josey

    i live in sc and i haveant fond one yet

  • Nick

    How does it handle ammo? Will it shoot the Federal bulk or do you need CCIs or something more expensive?

  • Mytactical22

    @David B-Is the barrel solid or a sleeve held into place by the flash suppressor? Does it break down like the S&W 15-22? How easy is it to maintain? How’s the trigger pull/feel? Accurate? I’m looking at picking one up to play with and already have a few ATI, Umarex/Colts, and S&W’s. Just want to know what I’m getting into before I waste the cash on another safe queen.

  • david b

    i own it its a great gun

  • M Slater

    Wish I would have seen this before I bought the S&W M&P 15/22.