Glock 21SF .45ACP – Another Look

Check out the shorter, smoother and more svelte Glock 21!


PEOPLE have wanted a single-stack .45 Glock for as long as there have been Glock pistols. The .45 is desired because people think that it makes a difference in terminal effectiveness. It may, but only when the bullet hits the bad guy.

glick21.gifThe single stack is desired because (1) they fit human hands, and (2) they’re easier to hide. The G36 fits both requirements but holds only a few rounds. The G37 (and Glock 38 and 39) are 9mm/.40 size Glocks that use a .45 cartridge, the shortened and quite efficient .45GAP. The Glock 21 is huge. A 13+1 capacity .45ACP pistol, the girth and length of reach from the backstrap to the trigger are quite large.

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