Watch: Anzio Ironworks Monstrous 20mm

Aiming to push the limit for precision fire from 2,000 yards to 3,500 yards, Anzio Ironworks developed the 20x102mm Ultra Long Range Sniper System.

The use of 20mm precision fire started before WWII with the Finns who fielded the Lathi M39 that helped them slow and almost defeat the Soviet invasion of their borders by Stalin before he became a buddy of FDR. The Finns were able to penetrate the thin armor of pre-war Soviet tanks and force disproportionate losses on the astonished invading Russian army. They also used dummies to draw out Soviet snipers, which the 20mm Lathi effectively eliminated from a safe distance.

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Beginning in 1937, the Imperial Japanese Army used the semi-automatic Kawamura Type 97 20x124mm anti-tank rifle. The Type 97 was 120 to150 pounds, had a crew of four and with no muzzle brake had horrendous recoil. It did not have any optics, just open sights so it was used mainly against light armor, from fixed defensive positions, and could fire full-auto 2,083-grain High Explosive Incendiary at 2,500 feet per second (fps) from its 7-round magazine. With the advent of the next generation of armor, both the M39 and Type 97 went the way of the horse cavalry and biplane — still used in combat, but not on the winning side.

The Mag-Fed 20mm has familiar controls, optic placement and handling characteristics to an AR for max muscle memory retention to ease transitional training for experienced shooters.

The value of very long range sniping has been firmly established as a major asset in modern counter-terror battlefighting. Both in Afghanistan and Iraq, the use of the .50 BMG for precision fire has resulted in serious reductions of enemy strength during operations in both open and urban areas without collateral damage. The use of long range precision fire is cost effective, easy to integrate into combined operations and provides our warfighters unprecedented protection when they operate under the watchful oversight of one or more of these powerful weapons. Recent proof was the elimination of an enemy machine gunner by Canadian sniper Rob Furlong shooting a bolt-action .50 BMG from a distance of over a mile and a half.

Anzio Ironworks
For 16 years Mike Remo has been working with firearms and producing hundreds of bolt action .50 BMG rifles impressive for their accuracy and minimal recoil. The lightweight Anzio magazine fed .50 BMG is 13.5 pounds bare. The lightweight .50 goes for $5,000 with the slightly heavier model at $4,000 and both are guaranteed 1-MOA or better. The current governmental and private security force users have provided feedback that the Anzio Ironworks’ accuracy is as advertised and with its very manageable recoil results in exceptional operational ability.

Building on that success, Mike Remo of Anzio Ironworks wanted to move out the limit for precision fire from 2,000 yards to a full 3,000 yards (and maybe 3,500 yards). As a result, Mike developed the Mag-Fed 20x102mm magazine fed, bolt action Ultra Long Range Sniper System to accomplish that goal. Using modern computerized optics the Mag-Fed 20mm can be effectively used for anti-materiel and counter-sniping out to well beyond .50 BMG range. Why is that significant? Enemy combatants might have access to .50 BMG or similar sniper rifles, and only a 20mm weapon can outrange and dominate that kind of threat.

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  • William Nelson

    That gun is something I need to make something right … I know it will make a little mess, but anything to get rid of a shit eater or two! Also, Fuck the Pasadena voyeur society!
    God bless!

  • Tin

    Adds a whole new meaning to “Reach out and touch someone”………..

  • Strelnikoff

    Do you use U.S. standard 20MM M-59 ammo such as the Vulcan system uses ? Or are they specially fabricated just for your weapon ?

    • Dark Shroud

      I know this is old but I’m going to answer anyway. From Anzio’s site it looks like they use 20mm Vulcan.

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  • gunlover

    whats the total range of this monster in meters?

  • Farcere

    Bitches love cannons

  • TheBoss

    That’s a fucking beast

  • Cooleemee Edd

    I cannot imagine!

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  • If you ever raffle one to the public, yeah I know right. Love it

  • kryvian

    this is not a gun, this is a cannon.

    • Jeremy

      Yes, I think so. A long range cannon with optics.


  • carl

    i hunt ground squirrels with one. just drop one HE shell within 4 meters of the little bastard and he looks like he just came out of a blender!

  • Just one question, from a gun loving geek.

    Does it run GNU/Linux?

    I still love my Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 M38 1943 7.62 X 54r!
    Open sights at 650 Meters… Scope out to 800 Meters…

    $99.00 (gun show, with complete kit, matching #’s)
    Weaver Marksman 3x-9x Scope, $3.99 (at GoodWill)
    scope rail, recoil pad, $18.99 (
    880 rounds in sealed cans, $136.83 + $20 shpg.

    Range Master’s comments on target grouping, Priceless!

  • Joe

    Jesus. Good to know we have rifles fit for bringing down some T-Rex when they finally get cloned up.

  • Jesse

    It’s a convoy stopper first vehicle in convoy going through the mountains even if armored will be dead in it’s tracks. Shooting from a tree covered ridge. You will be good. problem is people have mines for that specific purpose or call artillary and airstrikes in. I think it is more of an uncoventional warefare weapon when you do not have fancy explosives or airstrikes or artillary at your disposal. A civil war or red dawn scenario would be a good example. Then again the FBI bought one so who knows.

  • Antonio

    I reed something about the Anzio 20mm and it supossed than this Riffle can make a accurate shoot at 5000 (4500 mettes) yards, so this Riffle it really make some difference, you know the Barret is acuratte at 1800 meters ¿Still you think this is a inecesary Riffle?

  • Kiernan

    Now we just need the Sercos suit with battery power and armour plating, and you have a space marine sniper…

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    In brazil the special force ABIN use 40mm sniper for long years in special moments (top secret) rifles with right precision for 3000 meters!

  • Nick

    Having shot various .50cal rifles such as the venerable Barrett M82 and M107, the Browning M2HB GPMG, and others (and owning an AI AWM in .338 Lapua Magnum), I honestly don’t see how a bigger round is needed to personnel engagement. I mean, sure, over 2000-2500m it is hard to accurately fire a .50 or .338LM, but is a man-portable 20mm “Sniper Cannon” really necessary?
    Don’t get me wrong, I think that this could be invaluable against light armor and other vehicles, and give a two-man sniper team significantly more power, but you also would be forcing them to sacrifice other equipment to carry something so big and heavy. If the sniper is carrying his, say, suppressed AI AWM (.338LM) as well as a backup weapon (HK416 10.4″ Suppressed) and sidearm (Sig P226E2), then he is carrying a heavy load. The spotter will likely have something along the lines of the M14 EBR (7.62NATO), an M4A1, and a sidearm.
    I suppose the spotter could carry the 20mm “rifle”, but ideally it would be something that could be broken down, then transported by two people, and then assembled when they reach their destination; it would have to take 30sec to disassemble and under 60sec to put together, though.

    However, if well-implemented, this could mean a two-man sniper team would have the ability to not only take out a high priority target from 1500m away while he is in his guarded compound, they would not have to run away as soon as the kill is confirmed. Instead, while the sniper takes out the main target, the spotter could shoulder the 20mm and disable any vehicles nearby, power generators, etc (using depleted uranium rounds, full-size or sabot, they would punch straight through a large engine block). After those 5-6 shots are exhausted, a magazine of 20mm High-Explosive Incendiary (Armor Piercing) rounds could be loaded, then used as “anti-structural” rounds targeting load-bearing anything, or targets of opportunity (a 200gal diesel fuel tank).
    By the time he has spent his 2-3 magazines, the sniper will have gotten his target as well as anyone else and will be packed and ready to go, thus being able to help disassemble the 20mm rifle quickly, pack it up, and be gone before anyone had a clue what was happening.
    Condense that scenario into 15 seconds of high-velocity bullets, explosive and incendiary rounds going off around you, and depleted uranium rounds going straight through a truck’s engine before continuing on to pass through four brick walls, two stainless steel plates, and two people (each round!).

    Then it makes sense.

  • MC202zipper

    LAHTI L-39 (Lahti is a Finnish town, all the weapons from Lahti armoury have a code starting with L)
    At the beginning of the winter war of 1939-40, on 30 November 1939, Finnish Army could field only the TWO existing prototypes of Lahti L-39
    The production started in full only in late January 1940, so very few rifles were on first line duty by 13 the March 1940 armistice.
    The Continuation war (June 1941 – Sept 1944) will see the fielding of russian T-34 tank in greater and greater numbers, against its sloped
    47mm front armour the L-39 was useless (but still valuable against light tanks, trucks, motorized sleighs, boats and strafing airplanes).

  • Touvo

    Claiming the Lahthi M49 played a role of any significance in delaying the soviet winter war offensive is so much beyond the point of being bullshit, that somehow the rest of this review catches the smell. Which is totally unfair, since the videos themselves along with the bare technical facts are cool enough to peek at.

  • Goldhat

    “…the Finns who fielded the Lathi M39…”
    The name of the weapon is Lahti M39.

  • 20mm vulcan ammo is electrically ignited. Nothing impacts the primer but a spark. This doesn’t LOOK like it has electric components… but who knows!

  • Meerza

    Not impressed, seems a piece of junk to carry & operate.
    However can be useful as a fixed mobile unit for neutralizing long range threats.
    Accuracy also needs to be established Viz a Viz tested platforms.
    Best regards

  • Kint Verbal

    Actually NASA DID crash shit because it was theirs in the first place and their last check to make, and as the poster “Metric is easy” rightly said, they converted “english to metric”, as metric is the ultimately recognized, physics-standard system of measurement. Say it with me: meter, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, candela, mole. Pound, ounce, mile, WTF???

  • IdealistComme

    @Metric is easy:

    NASA didn’t crash shit…the european country that made the parts based on metric measurements when NASA’s specs were in english standard are the ones who fucked it up…retard

  • Rainbow Dash

    That spy is a spy!

  • kage

    Nice, but not the 1st, Croatians use their RT-20 (20x110mm) for some time now

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  • poodle

    The Azerbajians have produced a 14.5mm x 114mm bolt action rifle. The bullet is bigger than a 50 cal and about 10% longer called the Istigal. Slightly easier to carry around and it breaks down into 2 pieces.

  • will7iam

    Oh yeah?!?! Well ours is bigger!!!!(says Barret Firearms and there discontinued experimental 25mm xm109).
    smirk C:

  • superhunter

    Does it have enough knockdown power to kill a rabbit ?

  • badmoonryzn

    Is this a custom designed case by Anzio using a 20mm bullet or can this fire 20mm Vulcan ammo with it’s assortment of projectiles? In either case, nice weapon!

  • Blendtec

    Will it blend?

  • Davey Jones

    This seems like a great gun besides the fact it’s long and probably very heavy. My guess is if your getting hit by one then the shooter has no need to worry about being found for the first few rounds, then after needs to get the hell out of where he is. If I am wrong let me know! If he or she shooting it can spend hours and hours in one spot shooting round after round without being spoted then by gollie thats great. Also whats the range of that thing? I looked for it in the passage but with all the numbers it got confusing. Im an electronics guy, my pop is the gun guy.

  • Spy

    ah.. but does it fit in a briefcase.

  • Cholly

    So far, the comments range from gripes about Metric vs. SAE to spelling errors, with no comments like “Finally, a gun worthy of the Alaskan Brown Bear!” (Even at a mile and a half, they’re scary!) or “Just the thing for that once in a lifetime trophy Orca!”
    Some people just take themselves way to seriously (and with so little justification!)
    Now, for the robot to carry it…

  • Jim Jervis

    Hey, ‘Tacocat’

    a) Learn how to spell (dose?).
    b) Obtain a brain.
    c) Learn how to use it.

  • Bammbammnz

    Silly Americans!

  • Metric is easy

    20mm is metric and .50 is English. The english system of standards is retarded and should be retired. NASA crashed million dollar landers into Mars because they converted english to metric incorrectly. And these are the nations greatest minds… If thats not a good case to go to a single, universal, base 10 standard, I dont know what is. I mean seriously, how many mm are in a centimeter? 10. How many grams in a kilogram? 1000. Now, how many inches in a foot? 12. How many inches in a yard? 36. How many ounces in a pound? uh…

    But I digress… awesome rifle!

  • Tapio

    Few corrections, the rifle Finns used as a long range sniper rifle was Lahti L-39, named after its developer Aimo Lahti. It was also known as “Elephant Gun”. M/39 was standard 7.63*53R caliber bolt action rifle, which was based on Russian Mosin-Nagant M/91 rifle.

  • Josh

    is this the same round as the vulcan?

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  • Armageddon Armory

    20 milimeter means that its 20 MILIMETER. Not .50.

    Look up the differences in the two. 20mm is half again as big.

  • HotelCoralEssex


    It is classified a Destructive Device in the US. So you first need to check to make sure that DD’s are permitted for civvie ownership in your State and County. If it is you simply order it from Anzio, who will ship it to your local Class III dealer on a Form 3 (6-8 weeks wait) who will transfer it to you on a Form 4, which involves you paying the ATF a $200 one time tax followed by another 6-8 week wait.

    The process is identical to buying a grenade launcher, suppressor, sbr/sbs, or transferable machine gun.

  • Pat

    this design reminds me of the Polish TOR sniper, range of this is insane, but how accurate is it? would be impressed if it was like the .408 chey tac

  • Ionescu

    20mm means 20mm you twat. .50 BMG is only 12.7mm this is 20mm, which would be .79 Calibre. Two steps above .50 (next lowest is .68 – 17.5mm)

  • Tacocat

    Were can I get one of these? Dose the barrel unscrew to move it, and dose a 20 mm shell mean 50 cal. Or something different?