April 2011

FEATURES BARRETT MRAD .338 LAPUA MAG by Jay Langston Multi-Role…



BARRETT MRAD .338 LAPUA MAG by Jay Langston
Multi-Role Adaptive Design precision sniper rifle with the power of a sledgehammer!

DPMS PANTHER REPR 7.62mm by David Bahde
Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle — precision accuracy for a high-volume firefight!

BRUGGER & THOMET’S APR338 by Cory Trapp
.338 Lapua Mag anti-personnel rifle for long-range precision!

2011 NEW MILITARY & POLICE FIREPOWER by Harris Contributors
Newest rifles and weaponry introduced at the 2011 shot show!

SMITH & WESSON M&P15 TS 5.56mm by Richard Mann
Bona-fide fighting carbine for any law enforcement officer heading into harm’s way!

SIG SAUER 551 5.56x45mm by Leroy Thompson
One of the world’s best combat rifles explains why no one invades Switzerland!

“Railroad spike driver” that finds its target from the longest of ranges!

S.A.O.D. 6.8mm SPC by Jeremy D. Clough
Special Area Of Demand 10.5” SBR upper — leading edge of AR technology!

NIGHTHAWK AAC .45 ACP by Rob Garrett
Covert-op 1911 that’s suppressor-ready for a silent resolution!

Weapons Insider — DMZ Perimeter Sentinels — Korea’s Super aEgis II

Battle Rifle — Finland’s white death: Suomi KP/31 9mm SMG

Gear Bag — Armatac 5.56mm 150-round Saw-Mag

Guns of the Elite — Turkish SAS/SAT Naval Commandos

Combat Optics — Nightforce’s NXS F1 3.5-15x50mm with ZeroStop technology

High Tech — ATN’s Night Vision equipment for today’s warfighter

New Products — Guns and gear that caught our eye

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