April 2012

FEATURES FN FS2000 CQB 5.56mm by Michael O. Humphries An…



FN FS2000 CQB 5.56mm by Michael O. Humphries
An ultra-short bullpup entry carbine ready for LE operations!

JP ENTERPRISES JP-15 9mm by Iain Harrison
Pistol-caliber carbine perfect for CQB and entry duty!

SPRINGFIELD XDM 3.8 COMPACT .40 S&W by Dave Spaulding
Backup pistol transforms into full-size duty gun with just a mag change!

KEL-TEC KSG 12 GA. by Michael O. Humphries
Radically innovative scattergun equipped for specialized applications!

DPMS PANTHER LBR 5.56mm by Richard Mann
Lightweight AR patrol carbine ready for the street!

KIMBER MODEL 8400 POLICE TACTICAL .308 Win. by David Bahde
A .308 Win. precision rifle that is lightweight and ultra-accurate!

ARMALITE M-15A4 6.8 SPC by Jay Langston
Reliable, fight-stopping power in a compact carbine!

VLTOR TS3 CARBINE 5.56mm by Mike Detty
Patrol-ready tactical AR designed for cutting-edge performance!


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