Ares Armor Rudius 80% 1911

Ares Armor says: To complete this frame all that need…

Ares Armor says:

To complete this frame all that need be done are the slide rails, barrel seat and the two rear pin holes. THERE IS NO FFL REQUIRED PER BATFE SPECIFICATIONS. This is not a firearm until you decide to make it one. This is the perfect project for an at-home build. THESE FRAMES ARE AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW FOR PREORDER ONLY! EXPECTED RELEASE OF THE RUDIUS IS SCHEDULED FOR 3-6 MONTHS.

By placing a preorder you are guaranteeing that you will have your hands wrapped around one of the first one thousand Rudius frames that are being made. The MSRP for the Rudius is 249.95 but for those watering at the mouth that want to preorder it is only 99.95 to reserve your Rudius and 99.95 at time of delivery.

Only free men need apply! 80% for the 3%.

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  • McGuire

    Thank GOD for Aresarmor! At a time when many are fleeing, AresArmor has the stones to stand and serve us an innovative American product HERE in CA!!! Thank you