ArmaLite AR-10 1913 Carbine Limited Run

Click image for larger view. ArmaLite announces that for a…

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ArmaLite announces that for a limited time it is offering the AR-10 1913 Carbine in small numbers.

The AR-10 1913 Carbine comes standard with a National Match two-stage trigger. It features a 1913 quad rail handguard, forward assist and collapsible stock.

Compact yet rugged, this AR-10 is perfect for both tactical and sporting uses.

This limited run of AR-10 1913 Carbines has just come through the line and IS in stock. Contact your local ArmaLite dealer for details on continued availability.

The AR-10A4CBNF 1913 features:

• ArmaLite’s National Match two-stage trigger
• 16” barrel
• Picatinny gas block
• Flattop Picatinny upper receiver
• Forward assist

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  • I have had the great pleasure of purchasing the Armalite AR-10CBNF 1913 and the only word that can be use about this weapon is WOW. Right out of the box you know one thing, this is not a gun mint to be set in a safe or gun cabinet as a show piece. The Armalite is a gun that screams I like it rough and don’t hold back. That is just the rifle I wanted and Armalite delivered in spades. This is not a high gloss city boy AR-10 for the weekend warrior. This is an out of the box take no mercy 1 MOA drop them where they stand zombie killing machine. Put a scope that meets your needs, in my case a Nikon 2-8x32mm and mini reflex incase the shit gets to close, and you have got one bad boy in your hands. The fit of the Armalite is better than I was expecting, based on what Armalite says themselfs. The overall finish is even but do not think gloss finish because it is a true military grade finish that you will not cry over if it gets binged up.
    If you are looking for a AR-10 and want a slick trigger that the match trigger offers along with the high quality quad rail the the AR-10CBNF 1913 has been made just for you. I have found myself getting 3/4 MOA and twice 1/4 MOA on a regular bases. Not bad for an old man. I would suggest getting on the move to find on of these rifles because the few they built are getting gone. Their are a few around so get the move on!