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Armalite Defenders: Evolved Modern-Day Rifles

Armalite Defenders: Evolved, Modern-Day Rifles

Legendary AR designer ArmaLite unleashes refined designs with modern-day stopping power!

As a division of Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation in 1954, ArmaLite entered the firearms market with a series of innovative rifles considered unusual at the time. Now in its sixth phase of ownership, ArmaLite’s AR-15 turned out to be a revolutionary design that met designer Eugene Stoner’s goal of a lighter weight and has evolved into a highly precise system, so much so that it now serves as the basis for self-loading sniper systems. Currently, some variants of ArmaLite’s AR-15 design are issued by 15 NATO countries and more than 80 total countries worldwide. With over eight million service rifles in use, more than 90 percent remain in operation.

ArmaLite continues to produce firearms and design new ones, having shipped far more .223-caliber rifles and more active development projects in process today than any time since 1961. Here’s a roundup of what’s current at ArmaLite.

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